How Much Is Marsha Warfield Worth?

Marsha Warfield, an American actress and comedian best known for her dry sense of humor and no-nonsense attitude on “Night Court”, quickly became one of her fan favorites among audiences.

She has appeared in multiple television series, such as Riptide, Family Ties, Clueless and Living Single; in addition to performing standup comedy.

Marsha Warfield has long been an advocate of LGBTQ rights and social justice issues, and her dedication has contributed significantly to her success over time.

Early Life and Education

Marsha Warfield was born and educated at Calumet High School in Chicago. She hails from an upper middle class family. Marsha made her mark as Roz Russell on NBC sitcom Night Court from 1986 to 1992; also appearing in Empty Nest as Dr. Maxine Douglas; guest staring on Riptide, Family Ties, Clueless Living Single and Cheers as well as standup comedy performances and hosting of The Comedy Shop television show by Norm Crosby.

Warfield recently came out as gay and was thrilled that the reboot addressed her character’s sexuality in its narrative. She says working alongside John Larroquette on Night Court has been an enjoyable experience.

Professional Career

Marsha Warfield first rose to fame as Roz Russell on the hit NBC sitcom Night Court from 1986 to 1992. Subsequently she played Dr. Maxine Douglas on Empty Nest as well as appearing in several films (D.C. Cab and Mask). Additionally she participated in stand-up comedy.

Last year, she returned to her role of Roz, the sarcastic bailiff on NBC and Peacock’s reboot of “Hill Street Blues.” John Larroquette reprised his original character Dan Fielding; Roz now serves as judge.

At the start of Season Two of the rebooted show, it was revealed that Roz is gay. Warfield stated that depicting such an intimate relationship in an original series may have been seen as daring and risky; but for her in this remake it felt natural and realistic.

Achievement and Honors

Marsha Warfield stands as an icon in the entertainment world with her sardonic sense of humor and deadpan delivery, creating an unforgettable legacy in film and theater.

“Roz” Russell earned her critical acclaim and immense popularity during her run as the protagonist on Night Court television show, leading to additional roles such as Empty Nest and numerous films/TV shows.

Warfield hosted her own talk show and performed stand-up comedy. An openly gay woman, Warfield is an advocate for equality amongst her community. She wrote a book and often spoke publicly about relationships in performances; her dedication to her craft made her an example to all. As one of the pioneers in her industry, Warfield continues to break barriers in her career path.

Personal Life

Marsha Warfield has earned her place as an iconic television, film, and stand-up comic through her work across TV, film, and stand-up comedy. Marsha’s iconic role as Roz Russell from Night Court brought critical acclaim and made her an instant household name; recently reprised it for its sequel series in 2023; it’s clear she still retains all of her grit and humor!

From 1993-1995 she played Dr. Maxine Douglas on the hit television series Empty Nest and also appeared in films D.C. Cab and Mask as Dr. Maxine Douglas. Additionally she guest starred on such shows as Riptide, Family Ties, Clueless, The Norm Crosby Show Living Single Moesha Saved by the Bell: College Years Touched by an Angel with guest spots appearing as Riptide/ Family Ties Clueless The Norm Crosby Show Riptide/ Family Ties/ Clueless as Dr. Maxine Douglas/Dr Maxine Douglas/ Dr. Maxine Douglas/Dr Maxine Douglas/Maxine Douglas/Maxine Douglas/Maxine Douglas/Maxine Douglas/Maxine Douglas/DrMaxine Douglas in various roles portrayed roles such as D/C Cab/ Mask while guest appearing as Riptide/ Family Ties Clueless The Norm Crosby Show Living Single Moesha Saved By an Angel/Saved By an Angel etc etc her personal life remains private while being an outspoken advocate for equality/ women’s rights she remains public in terms of advocacy as well.

Net Worth

Marsha Warfield has become a favorite among comedy fans with her offbeat humor and deadpan delivery, as well as being an advocate for LGBTQ rights.

She’s appeared as a guest on numerous talk shows and used her platform to promote various causes. Her success story serves as an example to other comedians and performers looking for work.

Warfield first made her mark as Rosalind “Roz” Russell on NBC sitcom Night Court from 1986 to 1992, later going on to star as Dr. Maxine Douglas on Empty Nest from 1993-1995.

Born March 5, 1954, in Chicago, Illinois and currently aged 69 years old as of 2024. A graduate from Calumet High School, she lives alone while keeping her personal life private.

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