MEV: eco lobster and electric speedster

The British manufacturer MEV My Electric Vehicle, specialist for electric golf carts, is available for eco-friendly Hummers and electric speedsters as well as electric limousines and electric vehicles suitable for work use. Eco Hummer and electric speedster: the Hummer HX at the EICMA 2012In 2011, the legendary cult car Hummer experienced its MEV resurrection with an environmentally correct electric drive. MEV had the naming and design rights transferred to GM in Detroit and has since had small city runabouts in the distinctive Hummer design produced in the Far East. MEV manufactures the E-Hummer both as a sedan and as a convertible. The Mev Zip is the latest model from the eco-friendly Brits – a small electric car for the city for two or four people. It is also available with a loading area. The range is rounded off by the MEV Daytona in a vintage look.

Eco Hummer and electric car: Hummer also as a convertible and limo

A brushless AC motor provides propulsion not only for the E-Hummer, but also for the other models. To make up for the difference in size to the original Hummer, the E version is equipped with all sorts of features that you usually don’t The British manufacturer MEV My Electric Vehicle, a specialist in electric golf carts, produces eco-friendly Hummers and electric speedsters, as well as e-limousines and an e-vehicle suitable for work usewould belong to the original equipment of vehicles. The driven rear axle of the Öko Hummer has a differential. The power development of the electric motor is determined by the characteristics of the controller. MEV has a high-power controller in its range of accessories for this purpose. This increases the performance for mountainous terrain, while reducing the range. After 60 kilometers you should go to the socket.
The MEV Hummer HXT pulls up without a roof. The MEV Hummer HXT Limo is already more like an oversized golf cart, and is probably best suited for chauffeuring guests to resorts, golf courses and events – VIP-wise, of course.
The MEV Hummer HX is available from a retail price of £12,995 (equivalent to EUR 16,606). The HXT is slightly cheaper, starting at £11,995 retail. There are no limits to the special equipment and accessories of the Öko Hummer: If you want leather seats, for example, they are available in the colors white, blue or orange, and at an additional cost of 1,790 pounds (around 2,287 euros).

Newcomer: MEV Zip

The latest model in the MEV range of eco lobsters and electric cars is an urban city car that you can confidently Eco lobster and electric speedster: the newcomer MEV Zipcan be described as a micro car. The small electric car offers space for two people. With its dimensions, it easily fits into small parking spaces: 1870 x 1166 x 1565 mm. At a speed of 45 km/h you can cover around 100 kilometers in the city. A maintenance-free lead-acid silicone battery with 12 V and 120 Ah is used.
The S version of the MEV Zip fits four passengers and additional cargo. With dimensions of 2545 x 2392 x 1598 mm, the S is larger than the MEV Zip without the S. The maintenance-free AGM battery is sufficient for 120 kilometers at a speed of 45 km/h.
The cargo model of the zip car can be used for work. This e-mobile has a loading area that can even be locked. The specifics of 120 kilometers per 45 km/h can also be found in this vehicle.
The VP price of the small city runabout MEV Zip starts at 7,500 pounds (around 9,579 euros).

MEV Daytona: Electric Hot Rod

Vintage Eco-friendly Hummer and electric speedster: the MEV Daytona modelis the buzzword that best fits the Daytona: the design is reminiscent of truly American hot rods. It offers space for two people in the front, and then there is a rear seat against the direction of travel. In the UK, the MEV Daytona comes to 7,995 pounds (around 10,217 euros) – in the basic version, of course.

Prices and Availability

There are currently no importers for the eco Hummer and electric car – neither for Germany, Austria or Switzerland. MEV My Electric VehicleTo become an MEV. For an MEV vehicle you have to go directly to the British manufacturer MEV My Electric Vehicle. The cheapest is the ZIP from £7,500 (around EUR 9,579), the most expensive is the purchase of an E-Hummer from a retail price of £12,995 (around EUR 16,606). chk

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