Net Worth Of Mike Lindell

The Net Worth of Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell is a businessman, author, and political activist. He founded the Lindell Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps people suffering from drug addiction. He has also written a book about his journey from a crack addict to a CEO. Despite his success, Mike Lindell has been criticized for his ties with former U.S. President Donald Trump, as well as for spreading conspiracy theories.

During his early years, Lindell struggled with cocaine and gambling. He enrolled in the University of Minnesota but dropped out shortly after. Eventually, his addictions led to his divorce from his first wife. He then began to work in various small businesses, including restaurants and bars. In 2004, he created My Pillow, a product that he sold on infomercials. My Pillow later broke the Guinness World Record for the largest pillow fight ever. It has also sold over 40 million pillows worldwide.

The My Pillow company has sold over 30 million pillows at an average base price of $45. It has generated $280 million in revenue annually. In addition to this, MyPillow has spent about $1.5 million each week on commercials. The company has also made a profit of $300 million. But, despite the popularity of MyPillow, the company has been under fire for its association with former President Donald Trump.

As of January 20, 2020, Lindell has a net worth of approximately $300 million. However, he has not disclosed his income. He has been the subject of defamation lawsuits and has been banned from Twitter. He is also a supporter of former President Donald Trump, and has even sponsored a bus trip to challenge the presidential election results.

Mike Lindell has had his share of scandals. He was addicted to cocaine and crack in his youth. His addiction led to him losing his house and having his first wife leave him. He has been sober since 2009. He has also suffered a series of personal losses. One of his wives filed for divorce, and he has lost two of his children. His son has been in foster care.

During his 20s, Mike Lindell was an avid gambler. He also was a frequent participant in daredevil-esque stunts. He incurred gambling debts, which he had to pay off. He fought his addiction in his late teens, but he was able to overcome his addiction through prayer. He has a son from his first marriage and two daughters from his current wife. He is a passionate and vocal supporter of President Donald Trump.

He recently partnered with Phoenix Biotechnology, a company that makes oleandrin. He has also been awarded an honorary doctorate from Liberty University. Despite his success, Lindell has not disclosed his exact salary. He has been the subject of numerous scandals, including a libel suit against the Daily Mail. In November, MyPillow became the target of boycotts, leading to a defamation lawsuit against the company.

As of July 2013, Lindell’s first wife, Dallas Yocum, filed for divorce. After a few months, he had decided to end his relationship with Yocum.

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