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Nice decoration ideas for Christmas

Time flies by and the big Christmas party is getting closer and closer. It is expected with great anticipation from young and old. The old year, good or bad, comes to an end and a new period begins. We hope for the best for the New Year and look to the near future with optimism. I’m sure you too!

But what is now at the top of our to-do list is decorating our four walls for the festival. Everyone wants to create a unique, atmospheric and even special atmosphere at home, where you can celebrate Christmas with loved ones. We want to be of some help and provide you with numerous beautiful and easy to imitate ideas for your Christmas decorations at home.

These are of course accompanied by practical tips that you will certainly want to follow! So nothing will be forgotten, missed or neglected and you will celebrate your most beautiful Christmas in a tight circle!


Decorate your home for Christmas and enjoy the festive atmosphere!

You have to imaginatively decorate your whole apartment or house for the feast of feasts. Do not feel limited to a certain style, because many things are allowed at Christmas, including a mix of styles. It is important that your Christmas decoration corresponds to your ideas and wishes and expresses your creativity and imagination.

fireplace decoration christmas gifts

Bring something exotic to your Christmas decorations with citrus fruits wrapped in Christmas gifts integrated into the fireplace decorations


Decorate the kitchen island so that it becomes a real eye-catcher

It is best to start with the living room and choose a real eye-catcher there. In most cases this is the fireplace that you can turn into an eye-catcher at Christmas. Most of the decoration ideas for the mantelpiece show magnificent garlands, fairy lights, candlesticks, Christmas stockings and stars hanging on them. We have chosen something different and want to show you that a very simple decoration on the fireplace can also be beautiful and attractive. Because less is more, in many cases!


Decorate the fireplace discreetly and turn it into a real eye-catcher


Evergreen fir and ivy branches make up the Christmas decorations

minimalist decoration christmas gifts

Let the outside landscape come into your interior and decorate the ambience beautifully in winter

Try to set a nice Christmas table depending on your taste. His Christmas decorations can be flashy and fancy or very simple and minimalist, but in both cases they will bring the spirit of Christmas into the living space. Integrate the gifts of winter nature into your table decoration and you will achieve a great effect with little effort.

christmas table decoration

Festively laid Christmas table in Scandinavian style


Less is more! Minimalist decoration on the Christmas table


Simple table decoration in black and white, with a few gold and silver glitter

christmas decoration

A nice place setting on the festively decorated Christmas table

When decorating your house for a festive occasion, do not forget the entrance and the staircase, because this is where your guests will get the first impression of your manual dexterity. Evergreen fir branches and colorful fairy lights are perfectly appropriate here. You can even decorate bare branches with fairy lights and Christmas balls and make them appear conspicuous.


A free corner in the hallway can be the best place for great Christmas decorations


Decorate the stairwell for Christmas and welcome your guests!

christmas balls

Your Christmas decoration in the stairwell can be simple and subtle, but stylish and well thought out

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen during the holidays preparing gingerbread, cookies and other goodies. Create a festive atmosphere there too and enjoy your kitchen work to the full!


A modern kitchen also requires stylish Christmas decorations


Just a few Christmas decorations are enough to bring that festive flair into the kitchen


This kitchen in black and white is decorated very discreetly for Christmas, but it looks stylish

christmas decoration open shelves

Open kitchen shelves decorated with attention to detail are a wonderful option for your Christmas decorations

Have we forgotten something? Yes, the bedroom and bathroom now need to be redecorated to be in harmony with all of the festive decor at home. Try to stick to something subtle so your bedroom doesn’t look cluttered. A few Christmassy touches in the bathroom are enough to freshen up the atmosphere there and get you in the Christmas spirit every time you shower.

We wish you a Merry and Merry Christmas!


Red stockings and Christmas figurines decorate the bedroom


You don’t need oversized furniture in the bedroom, but replace it with a ladder that you can decorate for Christmas

christmas decoration bedroom

Orange and sunny yellow bring a lot of exoticism into the bedroom, also as dominant colors in Christmas decorations


Put a few green accents in the bathroom!

toilet christmas decorations

The toilet could also have some Christmas decorations

chest of drawers christmas

An overloaded decorated chest of drawers expresses your anticipation for Christmas!

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