Noah Geiwitz

Noah Geiwitz – A Memorable Man

Noah was always ready to lend a helping hand. He enjoyed hunting and fishing with his family, team roping, lifting weights, swimming and wilderness survival; in addition to loving his pets.

He was an incredible baseball talent; serving both as pitcher and outfielder on Reynolds High School varsity teams as well as participating in Stanford Baseball Academy.

Early Life and Education

Noah Geiwitz was born in Greenville, Pennsylvania and attended Reynolds Schools from kindergarten to high school. His favorite subjects were math and science; he participated in varsity baseball, football and basketball teams as well as team roping with his father; lifting weights; swimming; animal love. Noah loved spending time with his family; always smiling, always ready to help others he will be missed greatly by many.

Noah Jovenall leaves behind his parents Heidi and Marshall Jovenall; sister Maggie Emerick of Transfer; grandparents Bill and Susie Jovenall from Transfer; George and Carol Geiwitz of Greenville; Leslie Griffin (and husband, Bob) Griffin with husband Bob of Transfer, Harry & Laura Emerick from Reynoldsville Pennsylvania and Ed Dvorak and Sue of Guttenberg Iowa who is survived by Rita Brannaman of Transfer; uncles Andy Geiwitz with Toni his wife Toni as well as Bart Dvorak as well as aunts Marissa Roscoe (and husband Anthony), Holly Jovenall (and boyfriend Cory Brown), Andrea Hilsman along with Jason as Abby Backes and her husband Steve

Professional Career

Noah Geiwitz was an incredible hardworker. He enjoyed hunting and fishing as much as playing baseball; working at Pymatuning Deer Park in Jamestown, PA for over a year as pony ride attendant, bird barn worker, kiddie zoo worker and kiddie zoo worker was his passion; as was weight lifting, team roping, swimming and wilderness survival; working with Stanford Baseball Academy too (he also was on their baseball team, volunteering with firemen’s department as volunteer fireman). Additionally he enjoyed gardening, woodworking projects around the world as well as welcoming foreign visitors into their home – something his wife loved immensely as much as life itself!

Personal Life

Noah Geiwitz was an incredible child and enjoyed every aspect of life. A hard worker with an infectious laugh and constant smile, Noah loved watching sports such as football and baseball – two passions he expressed through participation on various boards including Dollar Savings and Trust Company and American Iron and Steel Institute as well as being a member of Covenant Presbyterian Church.

He is survived by his parents Heidi Emerick and Marshall Jovenall of Transfer; sister Maggie Emerick from Greenville; grandparents Bill Jovenall (Susie), George Geiwitz of Greenville, Leslie Griffin (Bob) from Transfer, Harry Emerick from Reynoldsville and Ed Dvorak from Guttenberg; as well as Rita Brannaman who lives nearby; aunts including Marissa Roscoe (Anthony), Holly Jovenall (Cory Brown), Andrea Hilsman and Abby Backes; as well as uncles Andy Geiwitz and Bart Dvorak

Net Worth

Noah was very generous with both his time and money, always giving everything he had. He will be greatly missed by everyone he knew; particularly by his family and pets whom he deeply cherished. We will remember him fondly always. Noah Emerick is survived by his parents Heidi Emerick and Marshall Jovenall of Transfer; sister Maggie Emerick lives in Greenville; grandparents Bill Jovenall and Susie Geiwitz from Greenville; George Geiwitz of Transfer, Leslie Griffin (and husband, Bob), Harry Emerick from Reynoldsville, Ed Dvorak with wife Sue from Guttenberg as well as Rita Brannaman in Iowa as well as Aunts Andy Geiwitz with Toni as her spouse, Bart Dvorak (Toni), Marissa Roscoe (and husband Anthony), Holly Jovenall with Cory Brown as well as Andrea Hilsman/Jason/Abby Backes/Steve).

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