Noah Herzenstein

Noah Herzenstein – A Comedian and Author

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Noah Herzenstein is an American author, educator and physician living in Painesville, Ohio and working at Stella Maris Hospital and Physicians Clinics.

Early Life and Education

Noah Herzenstein is an American comedian and television host best known for hosting Comedy Central’s The Daily Show until September of last year, after which he made two memoirs available and appeared on various talk shows.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Colorado Boulder and is a Democrat; he has been married three times. His parents are Mary and Hyman Katz.

Leo Herzberg-Frankel (de), (JE | WP | GWP G), an Austrian writer; born at Brody in Galicia on September 19th 1827; studied at Vienna’s University before traveling Russia and Bessarabia before immigrating with his family to America in 1857 and eventually settling at New York City – his son Sigmund later being both physician and historian.

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