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Our selection of stair carpets

Elegant and gentle on stairs are two of the characteristics of these beautiful stair mats. With the right color you can achieve an extraordinary effect when entering the entrance area. Take a look at the other photos:

Step mats interior stairs semicircular beige stair carpet

Great look for your hallway

Flower pattern carpet carpeting hallway flashy ideas-staircase carpet

The carpet made of polypropylene provides safety and ease of care

A carpet runner often covers the stairs completely, while the step mats are brought in individually. A suitable pattern of a carpet could of course also influence your decision. The decision would have to include which variant adapts better to the hallway design. The carpet will protect the stairwell from dirt and serve as a decorative element at the same time.

Carpet steps hallway white gray staircase carpet

Decorative carpet with a modern design

Carpet steps dark brown rectangular subtle staircase carpet

Stair mats protect against soiling

The home textiles can determine the appearance of an interior, just like the furniture. In the living room we like to step on a warm, soft carpet, and the same goes for the hallway. The transition from one room to the other is much more pleasant, optically and haptically.

Carpet runner gray felt rugged staircase rug

Carpet runners made of gray felt have a robust look

Noble elegant pattern stair rug dark brown stair rug

Stair mats protect against soiling

If you want to spice up the hallway, use an eye-catching pattern.

Waves optics carpet runner hallway stairs carpet

Traditional stairs with carpets – Beware of the risk of slipping!

Your preference is elegant and discreet! Neutral earth colors are available, with or without carpet rails.

Stair Carpet Natural Runner Pole Stair Carpet

Stairwell with carpet runners on the wooden stairs

Staircase carpet black beige striped staircase carpet

The carpet made of polypropylene provides safety and ease of care

Carpet stairs hallway diamond-shaped brown staircase carpet

Unsightly steps can be covered

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