Phillip P Keene Net Worth

Phillip P Keene is an award-winning TV actor known for pushing boundaries within his profession and earning international acclaim for his work.

He is best-known for his portrayal of Buzz Watson on The Closer and Major Crimes television shows. Fluency in Spanish and German allows him to add another language proficiency.

Early Life and Education

Phillip Keene was born September 5th 1966 and raised in California. At UCLA he studied art history and history. Additionally he is fluent in German and Spanish languages. Phillip gained wide recognition through his role as Buzz Watson on The Closer/Major Crimes series television programs.

He made his movie acting debut in 2002’s Role of a Lifetime, then later made an appearance on The D.A in 2004 playing Reporter #2 as Reporter#2.

He currently works on Deadly Shores alongside Carly Schroeder of Gracie fame. While dating someone special, he prefers keeping their personal lives private. An avid reader and traveller himself, he’s also an aspiring photographer.

Professional Career

Keene’s acting career has provided him with an income and increased his net worth significantly. His appearances on popular TV shows have garnered him critical acclaim and accolades; in particular his role as Buzz Watson on The Closer/Major Crimes has gained him widespread respect and praise from audiences worldwide.

Keene has appeared in Deadly Shores and The D.A. alongside Steven Weber and Patrick Dempsey. In addition to acting, he has engaged in other business and artistic ventures that have significantly added to his wealth.

Keene has been married to James Duff since 1993; together, they have created and written The Closer and Major Crimes series. Together, they live a blissful existence without children.

Achievement and Honors

Keene’s performance in the show has earned him widespread fan support and international acclaim, not only increasing his net worth but also opening doors for him in the entertainment industry.

Phillip has established himself in both acting and music industries. He has released multiple albums and embarked on various tours – garnering him many awards and honors in return.

He is best-known for playing Buzz Watson in The Closer and Major Crimes. Additionally, he speaks Spanish and German fluently, is married to James Duff – creator and partner in creating both series – since 1993, and speaks both languages fluently.

Personal Life

Phillip P Keene’s remarkable talent and broad interests have enabled him to build an incredible career in entertainment. His efforts have earned international acclaim, amassing an extensive fan base. Furthermore, his philanthropic efforts have significantly augmented his net worth.

As well as acting, Keene has an avid interest in aviation and collects Pan Am memorabilia – building up a significant collection of its uniforms, luggage tags, forms and forms over time.

He is married to television writer James Duff and lives together with them in Los Angeles. They have two children together: Tyler (son) and Emily (daughter). Often posting photos of both his children on social media accounts. In his free time he enjoys traveling and embarking on adventurous trips; these passions have led him to amass an impressive following on both Instagram and Twitter.

Net Worth

Phillip P Keene is one of the world’s best-known TV actors, best known for his portrayal of Buzz Watson on The Closer and its spin-off Major Crimes. Additionally, he has made appearances in other shows and movies such as The D.A. Deadly Shores and I Am Death.

American actor Ben Affleck has amassed an impressive net worth due to his successful acting career and various business ventures. Additionally, he has pursued music as well as acting and thus further cementing his status as an all-around talent.

He was born September 5, 1966, in California and holds American citizenship. He studied at UCLA, earned a pilot’s license, fluently speaks German and Spanish languages and maintains an online following through social media accounts.

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