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Planters in different shapes and colors

Every hobby gardener lovingly takes care of his or her little sprouts and likes to see how they look after themselves with shiny leaves and bright colors. Now give your flowers a new home, as shown in these 9 photos. Are you already interested? Here we go:

Heart shaped concrete flower pots

Concrete Bucket Planter Flowers Succulents Heart Planter

Heart shaped concrete bucket for succulents

This first idea hits us in the heart. The tiny concrete flower pots represent your flowers in a delightful way. Best suited for succulents or herbs, you could place these flower pots in the kitchen or in the garden.

Every bucket has small defects on its texture. This effect makes the small buckets unique eye-catchers.

Small wicker basket in the shape of a teacup

Wicker basket teacup flower planter

Wicker baskets look gorgeous in their teacup shapes, full of flowers

This fun idea is great for small plants and spring flowers. The wicker basket as a planter can be designed in different ways and with many types of plants, e.g. with snowdrops at the beginning of spring.

Inside you can have the teacup and saucer as a decoration on the table during a pleasant lunch.

Garden fork with wicker baskets

Garden fork deco decoration herbs wicker basket planter

Room decoration with herbs in wicker baskets

Isn’t this unique idea just for a country style garden? Their implementation is easy, and the earth tones add coziness to the design of the vegetable garden.

There is no risk of tipping over because the garden fork can be attached to the wall with a hook.

Vintage wall bracket with decorative faucet

Wall mount vintage faucet flower planter

Faucet and flowers combined in a vintage style

This great idea looks like it came about spontaneously. The pretty wall bracket could be used for herbs or flowers and hung next to the dining area or in the kitchen. The green plants create a wonderful contrast to the white color of the wall. The faucet is only used as a decorative item.

Plant bags made of textile

Planting bag textile colorfull birds-planter

Planting bags made of textiles with a brightly colored bird pattern

The textile baskets have many uses. One of them is for keeping house plants. Cover your planters in this way with numerous designs. Thus you bring colorful accents into your house. They’re also waterproof and would look great in any room. In the study they create a good atmosphere and on the windowsill in the kitchen they welcome us for breakfast for the first time.

Handmade planter

Handmade planter earthenware white modern succulent cactus planter

Handmade earthenware planter in white houses succulents and cacti

This nice collection of stoneware in off-white looks modern and timeless in any interior. The striped pattern and the matted outside look particularly elegant together with the cacti and other succulents. The planters are handmade and each of them has a unique look.

Bags for planting

Bag Plant Sack Textile Waterproof Flowers Kitchen Wall Planter

Bags and plant sacks made of waterproof textile full of flowers can decorate your kitchen wall

In these plant bags you could collect fresh herbs and grow other plants on the wall or on the balcony. The wall planting bag helps you to put your favorite flowers in the limelight. The coated textile fabric is robust, waterproof and can be used in many places in modern households. Compared to the flower pots, this always saves a lot of space.

With this piece, you can create an impromptu vertical garden, both indoors and outdoors, in minutes.

Heavy planters made of hot-dip galvanized steel

Planters steel balcony garden planters

Steel planters for the balcony or garden

These pots in traditional, simple shapes would give your garden a rustic charm. The round vessels are available in different sizes so that you can use them at the respective location (balcony, terrace or main entrance). The handles actually allow a quick change of location.

Concrete Gladstone Bag

Gladstone Bag Concrete Flowers Planting Gift Idea Planters

Gladstone bag where wonderful flowers or green plants can flourish

This extraordinary concrete vase in the shape of a leather bag is an original addition to your garden. Here you can let your imagination run wild and use these pieces not only for flowers, but also as magazine and newspaper holders or umbrella stands.

The bag is waterproof and therefore suitable for outdoor use. Why don’t you make a wonderful gift out of it?

Today we looked at a lot of unique ideas. Which one would you choose for your home?

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