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Plexiglas – a high-quality plastic with use in the interior and exterior

If you like to do handicrafts or are constantly building or repairing something in the garden or at home, then you are sure to always rely on high-quality materials, right? Since most natural materials are expensive and difficult to work with, it is better to look for new alternatives. For example, in many DIY projects, instead of glass, you can choose your artificial substitute, better known as plexiglass. Hobby hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers can currently find high-quality plastic sheets that perfectly imitate the look of glass in the specialized shops, but also online. In addition, depending on their technical properties, they are in no way inferior to conventional glass. In today’s article we want to shed a little more light on the popular Plexiglas and show the wide range of uses of this synthetic glass in different areas of our everyday life. Stay tuned to find out!

Plexiglas® is the brand name for high quality synthetic glass.

Plexiglas Plexiglasscheibe Markenname fur hochwertiges Kunstglas

Interesting facts about the innovative material plexiglass

In technical language and on the Internet, there are numerous terms for high-quality materials that replace normal glass. Often you come across Plexiglas, acrylic glass, acrylate or Perspex. However, it is always a plastic called polymethyl methacrylate, or PMMA for short. This plastic is commercially available in the form of transparent plates. These are extremely impact-resistant and break-proof, and even more translucent than conventional glass plates. The properties of the plexiglass sheets basically depend on the manufacturing process by which they are produced. In this regard, a distinction is made between cast (GS) and extruded (XT) plexiglass panes. There are hardly any visual differences between these two, but each type has its advantages and disadvantages. The GS plexiglass panes are more weather-resistant and therefore more durable. They score with excellent surface quality and are easier to process. While the XT Plexiglas plates are rolled thin during production, they can get cracks, even tear or break during further processing (e.g. drilling, sawing, milling).

The extruded Plexiglas plates are available at a lower price compared to the cast ones.

Plexiglas Plexiglasscheiben selber basteln ideal fur Hobbyheimwerker

The Plexiglas art plates are offered in different versions. On the one hand, you can find them in different thicknesses (from 2 mm to 15 mm) and in numerous colors. The best thing about these plates, however, is that you can determine their size yourself. For example, if you need panels in specific dimensions for your individual DIY projects, you can easily order them online. Serious providers also offer a professional cut of your Plexiglas pane so that it is accurate to the millimeter. This is how you get the panel that best meets your requirements and wishes.

The plexiglass plate must be cut to size to fit with millimeter precision.

Plexiglas Plexiglasscheibe auf einem kleinen Kaffeetisch zugeschnitten nach Mas passt millimetergenau

The plexiglass has one more important plus point that must be taken into account. It becomes plastic when heated and can be brought into any desired shape. But for this you need a temperature of 160 degrees C, which is difficult to reach under normal conditions. However, be careful when processing your Plexiglas plate, because the material is easily flammable!

There are many ways to give the plexiglass pane a certain shape and size.

Plexiglas Plexiglasscheibe als Trennwand transparent lichtdurchlassig bestimmte Form und Grose

Plexiglas is versatile

Plexiglass panes can be used both indoors and outdoors. Artificial glass is particularly popular with DIY enthusiasts because it is actually very versatile. At home you can design a lot like new with a plexiglass pane. For example, your kitchen rear wall is better protected from splashes and can be cared for more easily. In the bathroom, too, you can create the perfect partition wall with Plexiglas panes. From the children’s room to the home office to the living room, the artificial glass can be used to separate individual zones, but also to design various household appliances, lamps, displays, etc.

Your bathroom can look like new!

Plexiglas Plexiglasscheibe im Bad als Trennwand eingesetzt

Because of its good UV resistance and enormous longevity, Plexiglas is also used for patio roofing, canopies and even as a windbreak for balcony and garden plants. You can also use it to carry out larger projects outside, for example building a greenhouse and a winter garden yourself.

The advertising industry also benefits from the many practical advantages of the artificial material. Name and company signs, light boxes and showcases of different sizes are also made from the light and impact-resistant material.

All of this makes it popular and in demand in many areas of our life.

A plexiglass partition can work wonders in a store or office!

Plexiglas Plexiglasscheibe als Trennwand eingesetzt im Geschaft junger Mann

Hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers get their money’s worth here!

Plexiglas Plexiglasscheibe transparente Plexiglasplatten in Schokoladenbraun gefarbt

Your self-made aquarium will express your craftsmanship!

Plexiglas Plexiglasscheibe ein Aquarium selber basteln handwerkliches Geschick zeigen

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