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Raised beds and their advantages for hobby gardeners and the garden

Having a beautiful and well-tended garden is a great challenge and certainly not for everyone. Anyone who is already involved in gardening knows well that it takes a lot of effort and takes a lot of time. However, at the end of the gardening season, the satisfaction that you have your own harvest is great. If you want that pleasure too, you must first look around for some news at the nursery. For example, raised beds have been very trendy for several years. They are designed to make gardening easier. Their practical value is beyond doubt, but they also bring a new aesthetic to the outdoors. In short, raised beds have numerous pluses for both the hobby gardener and the garden. In addition, they immediately turn into great eye-catchers in the outdoor area, regardless of whether you have planted beautiful garden flowers or healthy vegetables there. Are you curious to find out more about modern raised beds?

A modern raised bed presents gardening with new perspectives.

Hochbeete junge Frau bei Gartenarbeit am Gemüsehochbeet mit Lächeln arbeiten ohne Rückenschmerzen

Before we list the advantages of raised beds for you below, we want to emphasize one thing in advance. Not all raised beds are the same. It can have different heights and its length can also vary. In addition, modern raised beds are made from various materials, including wood, plastic, metal such as aluminum, stainless steel and others. You have to decide for yourself which material suits your garden and your region best. In addition, it is advisable to know how to properly fill a loft bed (https://www.pflanzkuebel-direkt.de/hochbeet) or how to choose the right planting. You mustn’t think that a raised bed doesn’t need maintenance. You also need to take care of watering and fertilizing, but also to protect the planted vegetables from pests. As you can see, it is not that easy to have raised beds in your own garden. But don’t let your head down, because these have a number of advantages that no one can deny!

A raised bed planted with kitchen herbs and vegetables can be placed anywhere in the garden

Hochbeete überall im Garten platzieren ein Hochbeet mit Küchenkräutern und Gemüse bepflanzt

Raised beds protect the health of hobby gardeners

That is definitely the most important advantage of raised beds. These modern constructions for the garden have an average height of 85 – 90 cm. But some models are lower, others – higher. When buying a raised bed, you must also consider its height, as this is crucial for your lighter gardening work. With the cultivation and further care of different types of vegetables, you no longer have to strain your back. There is no bending or stretching while gardening on the raised bed, because the vegetables are easy to reach from all sides. In this way, unpleasant back pain will remain in the past and you will feel fit and lively with all activities on the raised bed, from planting it to harvesting the vegetables.

The hobby gardener no longer has to strain his back while working.

Hochbeete Gemüsehochbeet ein Mann daneben während der Arbeit kein Bücken und Strecken keine Rückenschmerzen

How do you benefit from raised beds in your own garden?

So that you have a clear idea of ​​the advantages of raised beds in the vegetable garden, we list the most important of them here:

  • Your vegetables will grow well and for longer

In the raised bed, the soil warms up earlier in spring than that in the garden bed. It maintains its temperature until later in autumn. This means that you can plant your raised beds with suitable vegetables early and then hope for a late or perhaps a second harvest. For example, many hobby gardeners plant seeds or plant cuttings in the raised bed fairly early in spring to prepare the plants for cultivation in the garden bed. It’s a clever method that leads to a good harvest!

You can also grow aromatic herbs in the raised bed.

Hochbeete ein Hochbeet mit aromatischen Kräutern ein Muss in jedem Outdoor Bereich

2) In the raised bed, your vegetables grow in nutrient-rich soil

If you have loamy and impermeable soil in your garden, this is definitely a serious problem. However, you can solve this quickly if you decide on some raised beds. As we wrote above, the filling of the raised beds is crucial for the growth of the plants and for a good harvest. First, find out how to fill a raised bed in layers to ensure nutrient-rich soil for the plants. Also take into account that the soil in the raised bed will settle a little over time and that new soil will need to be refilled. In addition, a raised bed needs to be filled with new soil every 5 to 6 years. Obviously, that means more work for any gardener. However, the nutrient-rich soil is an important prerequisite for good plant growth and a rich harvest in autumn.

Take proper care of all the vegetables in your raised bed.

Hochbeete verschiedene Gemüsesorten gute Ernte bedeutet viel Arbeit

3) There are few weeds and almost no pests in the raised beds

Every hobby gardener knows the laborious fight against weeds and annoying pests in the garden bed. In the raised bed, these problems are reduced to a minimum. A layer of compost and a layer of mulch on top will not allow weeds to grow in the raised bed. If you do notice useless greenery in your raised beds, weeding is not a problem either. It is also easier to keep unwanted guests such as voles and snails away from your high-lying beds. The rule here applies: the higher the bed, the more difficult it is for pests to reach. This way your plants will not be damaged and the harvest will definitely be successful.

Your herbs are well protected from pests in the raised bed.

Hochbeete ein kleines Hochbeet für Küchenkräuter gut vor Schädlingen geschützt

In addition to these important practical advantages of raised beds, we must not forget or underestimate their aesthetic value. They ensure more order and cleanliness in the garden. And wherever these prevail, a good harvest is guaranteed. This means that you can prove your skills as a hobby gardener and maybe arouse some envy in your neighbors. And at the end of the gardening season you will be happy to show your own garden production.

We wish you a lot of fun gardening and a rich harvest!

This is the reward for your gardening work!

Hochbeete erfolgreiche Ernte eigene Produktion Belohnung für monatelange Gartenarbeit

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