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Redkey F10: The Magical Vacuum Cleaner You Can’t Miss This Black Friday

Over a year after the pandemic, hygiene is the most worrying topic today. Do you clean the room daily to keep it clean and comfortable? Too much dust = a lot of bacteria = weakened immunity. Today we recommend a foldable cordless vacuum cleaner Redkey F10 from the top Asian cleaning device brand Redkey. The innovative foldable design can clean under furniture. It can also automatically adjust the suction level to the amount of dust in order to thoroughly clean the floor. It has received praise from many clients and internet celebrities since its inception. During the Double Eleven festival and Black Friday this year, Redkey F10 will have its price reduced to return to users. From 00:01 am on November 23rd to 11:59 pm on November 27th, you can get this amazing vacuum cleaner for the attractive price of 151 euros.

Redkey F10 faltbarer Staubsauger fur schwer zugangliche Stellen ideal

So what do customers love about it? Next, let’s talk about the reasons why you should buy it.

Foldable extension bar for cleaning under the bed

Remember when you knelt and bent to clean under the bed and gave up completely after a few tries. What if the vacuum cleaner flexes in your place?

Redkey has given the F10 a foldable extension pole to make cleaning hard-to-reach areas easier. The accessories do not have to be changed. With a slight pressure, it is folded up, which can be flexibly rotated like an arm through any degree from 0 to 90 and can easily penetrate the floor of low furniture. The friendly design of the folding function allows us to easily clean the floor of the bed and sofa without having to bend down. Very kind to the elderly, pregnant women and children. It is absolutely back-friendly and easy to use by everyone.

In reviews, Redkey F10 is 35 to 40% more efficient at cleaning under low furniture. Do not leave dead spots of dust in the house! Spend less, get more!

Redkey F10 faltbarer Staubsauger am Black Friday erwerben junge Frau beim Saubermachen problemlos unter den Mobeln reinigen

Intelligent dust detection and automatic suction adjustment

Redkey F10 has an intelligent sensor system that detects the density and size of the dust and adjusts the suction power accordingly. It has a lot more benefits than convenience. If there is a large amount of dust, the suction power is increased; if there is a small amount of dust, cleaning is carried out with medium and low power.

For less demanding tasks, the vacuum cleaner switches to medium or low, for example. In this way, the running time is extended and the noise level is reduced. The smart suction management system also significantly extends the service life of the Redkey F10.

And its brush head is equipped with an LED light for breaking dust, with which the floor cleaning situation is checked for leaks and all hazardous dusts can be completely removed.

We buy vacuum cleaners on Double Eleven at cheaper prices. And Redkey F10’s longer lifespan is an invisible discount.

Powerful suction for thorough cleaning

Redkey F10 faltbarer Staubsauger macht effizient die ganze Wohnung sauber

The 400 W motor of the Redkey F10 generates a suction power of up to 23,000 Pa. As many YouTubers have tested, this is capable of sweeping almost any trash. Redkey F10 has 5 suction levels for different cleaning needs. It also has an auto mode in which it can detect the amount of dust and adjust the suction power accordingly. Not only can it improve the cleaning efficiency, but it can also extend the life of the vacuum cleaner.

Most vacuum cleaners require replacing the battery (if not the entire machine). The 5-step and auto-mode design of the Redkey F10 protects the battery and also reduces maintenance requirements.

Three-stage filtering to protect the family from fine dust

Redkey F10 has a three-stage filter system to keep the air duct clear. In particular, the HEPA outlet can capture 99.99% of the fine particles as small as 0.3 microns to avoid secondary pollution that harms human health.

Redkey F10 faltbarer Staubsauger Samsung Akku 60 Minuten Akkulaufzeit grundlich reinigen bis zu 200 Quadratmeter Flache

60 minutes long battery life + replaceable battery.

Is the battery life of an ordinary cordless vacuum cleaner an issue? If the regular cleaning work is not completed, there is no electricity and cannot work?

Use Redkey F10, 2500 mAh high capacity Samsung battery, safe and reliable, 60 minutes long battery life, and the battery is detachable for easy replacement.

It can clean up to 200 square meters of surface at the same time.

High overall value taking into account the price and the additional costs

For the Black Friday promotion, Redkey is offering huge discounts. Grab your Redkey F10 for just € 159.99. What you are buying at such a low price is a smart, powerful and foldable cleaning tool and a high quality product with long motor and battery life and low maintenance.

In the meantime, the health-protecting design can also save many other household expenses.

Redkey F10

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