Rental car: Don’t forget to enter the second driver!

If you take a long business or holiday trip with a rental car, you rarely drive the whole distance alone. Rental cars may be moved by different people, not just the renter. The prerequisite for this, however, is that drivers other than the renter are registered as additional drivers! If someone drives a rental car who is not registered as a driver at the rental company and causes an accident, the fully comprehensive insurance can refuse to pay. Some vehicle classes, e.g. particularly high-quality vehicles, may also only be sold certain age limits (21, 23, 25 years) are driven. If a younger driver causes an accident, the fully comprehensive insurance does not have to pay here either.

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Therefore, always have each additional driver registered with the car rental company! Normally, the second driver must be present when the vehicle is picked up and present their driver’s license and ID.

With ADAC tariffs, the second driver is usually free of charge, but surcharges are now the rule for normal tariffs, eg EUR 6 per day per additional driver.

Tip: Many car rental companies also allow you to add a second driver to any station at a later date! [/box]

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