What is the Auto Hold feature?

The “Auto Hold” button can often be found with this label on Volkswagen, other manufacturers have the same or similar names for the system. Auto Hold is an extension of the electronic parking brake: if Auto Hold is activated, the last brake pressure is saved and the driver can take his foot off the brake. For example, you stop at a red traffic light on a slight incline. When you come to a stop and take your foot off the brake, as the name suggests, stops Auto Hold the vehicle until you accelerate again.

At least at Volkswagen, Auto Hold is also intelligent: if the driver stops on an incline with only gentle brake pressure and the car starts to roll slightly, the system applies the necessary brake pressure (without foot on the brake) to keep the vehicle stationary. Incidentally, all four wheel brakes are controlled via the ABS/ESP hydraulic unit. With the “conventional” hill start function, in contrast to Auto Hold, most manufacturers release the brake pressure again after a few seconds.

auto hold symbol

The green (P) symbol indicates that you can take your foot off the brake and the vehicle will remain stationary despite D mode. If you tap the gas, the brake releases automatically.

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