Safety: What you should pay attention to in the workshop

Working on the quad or in the workshop in general can be rewarding and fun too. But especially here it is important to keep the potential of dangers in mind and in the back of your mind. Protective clothing, the right tools, safety measures in the workshop – these are factors that enable undamaged work on the workbench and on the quad. Also important: an alert mind and the necessary expertise.

Protective clothing: Protection starts with the body

Mechanix Wear: gloves that look just as good for safety in the workshop as they do for quad bikingIn the workshop, even with great cleanliness and attentiveness, there are always sources of danger that can be avoided with the right clothing. Protective clothing is available for hands, feet, legs, torso and face. Depending on the task to be completed, putting on additional protective clothing is an important factor for safety in the workshop and when working on the quad in order to avoid avoidable injuries.
But even before putting on the actual protective clothing, certain sources of danger can be avoided by the other clothing. How to wear shoes Safety in the workshop: always comes first when repairing a quadthat supports the safest possible stand and has a non-slip sole. You should even pay attention to the shoelaces in advance. For example, if the knot is too loose, the laces pose a hazard by increasing the potential for tripping.
If you are working on the quad itself, depending on the activity, sturdy gloves and eye protection are often advisable. The gloves should not only offer protection, but also promote precise work through good grip. Ideally, the gloves can also be used for quad biking – Mechanix Wear has specialized in this dual function.
The protection for the eyes is intended for contingencies that can occur unforeseen during repairs or other work. Since many tools cause a lot of noise, suitable hearing protection should also be available for work in the workshop.

Safety in the workshop: finding safe alternatives for small tasks

When working on the quad, there are areas that can be done quickly and without much effort. Snap-on 'Supergrip': gloves for safety in the workshopHowever, what is often forgotten are the dangers that arise when you choose the fast route rather than the correct one. Even for small tasks that may even be done by hand, there are usually correct procedures that may seem a little more cumbersome, but keep the safety of the mechanic in mind. Before starting work, it is important for your own safety to be aware of these processes and to strictly comply with them. This also supports increased attention, which offers additional security when working with or without tools on the quad, because an alert mind sees more and accordingly makes fewer mistakes.

Working with or without tools on the quad: when it’s right

For work in the workshop and on the quad, your own safety is the most important thing. With just a few tips, you can already eliminate many sources of danger and in this way ensure your own well-being. x

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