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Set up and decorate baby rooms with sloping ceilings

If you own a small house, then logically you don’t have enough space for everything you actually want in your four walls. Living room and kitchen, bedroom, guest room and home office. This also includes the bathroom and toilet. In any case, you will need several rooms if you already have children or are expecting your first offspring. In this situation, every square meter counts and it is important to use every free space cleverly. Then have a look around, maybe you have an attic. This could be with a sloping roof, but that doesn’t have to bother you at all. A beautiful and very romantic looking baby room with a sloping roof can be set up and decorated there. Today we want to inspire you to create a cozy nest for your baby. We will give you great ideas for furnishing and decorating the baby room with a sloping ceiling that are easy to imitate. You will definitely like them too!

A baby room with a sloping roof has to be bright and friendly.

Babyzimmer mit Dachschräge Dachfenster viel Licht Gitterbett Kommode

You can set up the baby room very easily, even minimalist, and create a very appealing ambience.

Babyzimmer mit Dachschräge einfache minimalistische Einrichtung in Weiß sehr ansprechendes Ambiente

Set up clever ideas for baby rooms with sloping ceilings

The anticipation before the birth of a baby is huge and every couple of parents want to prepare themselves as well as possible. That is why the baby room is designed with a lot of love by bringing the practical and the aesthetic under one denominator. This also applies to the baby room with a sloping ceiling. The special thing in this case is that you don’t have a lot of free space because of the incline and you have to look for extra storage options. However, the sloping roof must not mean that you make certain compromises in the design of this room. We’ll show you how to turn the pitched roof from a disadvantage into a plus.

How do you find the idea of ​​creating a cozy corner under the sloping roof?

Babyzimmer mit Dachschräge eine Kuschelecke unter der Dachschräge viele bunte dekorative Kissen

You can place the cot directly in front of the window, so your little one gets a lot of daylight.

Babyzimmer mit Dachschräge viel Licht Bett vor dem Fenster Fensterrollos Grünpflanze im Topf

1. Determine the style and color scheme in the baby room with a sloping ceiling.

Before setting up their baby room, all parents find out which pieces of furniture they will need there. The basic furniture undoubtedly includes a bed, changing table, chest of drawers and definitely a comfortable armchair for mom and dad. But first you have to determine the furnishing style of the baby room. This could be classic or modern if you get the furniture now. But if you have old pieces of furniture from your grandma’s time, for example in a country house or vintage style, you can refresh and renew them a little and they can be used again. Also think about the color scheme in the baby room with a sloping roof. You certainly have at least one roof window, but not enough light and sun get into the room. That’s why you have to design the room in light colors, so the baby room looks bigger and cozier. Dark colors, on the other hand, can be a bit depressing, which is why these are not recommended for baby rooms with a slope.

With light colors you can create a friendly, very appealing ambience …

Babyzimmer mit Dachschräge helle Farben Tapete mit kleinen blauen Sternen offenes Regal gestreifter Teppich in Blau Weiß

…. although the baby room with sloping roof has typical elements of the country house style.

Babyzimmer mit Dachschräge typische Raumelemente des Landhausstils

2. Opt for low furniture

Under no circumstances should you overfill the baby room with sloping ceilings with furniture. That is why our advice is: the minimalist rule applies here – less is more! In addition, low or half-height furniture makes the space under the sloping ceiling look a little more open. You should therefore prefer sideboards, chests of drawers and open shelves, which provide you with good storage options, but do not make the baby room with the sloping ceiling appear cluttered. In a few months you will appreciate that! On the one hand, you need good storage options for baby clothes and baby cosmetics. On the other hand, you have to stow your little one’s toys in such a way that they are always close at hand. Shelves in the alcove or under the sloping roof can help you a lot with this. This is how the baby room looks tidy and you can be sure that you and your baby have everything you need in the immediate vicinity.

Low pieces of furniture can work wonders in a baby room with a sloping ceiling.

Babyzimmer mit Dachschräge gerundetes Fenster niedrige Möbel viel freier Platz Regal Spielsachen weißer Sessel in der Ecke

The room must always be bright, clean and well organized.

Babyzimmer mit Dachschräge Kinderbett rechts weißer Teppich Fenster gut geordnet hell sauber

Well-tried tips for decorating baby rooms with sloping ceilings

When decorating a baby’s room with a sloping roof, you have a lot of leeway and can use your imagination and creativity. For example, you can easily create an accent wall with wallpaper at no high cost. You can even decorate the sloping roof with suitable wallpaper and put it in the limelight in this way. In this regard, floral wallpapers and those with small animal figures, balloons or toys for the baby room with a sloping roof are particularly suitable. The next examples can convince you of their visual impact.

Nice in blue and white!

Babyzimmer mit Dachschräge zarte Wandtapete in Blau Weiß Sessel Bett Fenster mit Rollo Fußboden hell

The wallpaper on the ceiling attracts everyone’s attention.

Babyzimmer mit Dachschräge einfache Einrichtung Bett zwei Wandbilder Tapete an der Decke sehr attraktiv

Then you can still think of beautiful decorations for this special room. For example, you can design a wall with small children’s drawings or pictures that stimulate your little one’s imagination. A shelf wall can accommodate many of his toys and still look very eye-catching. If you arrange the room decoration with the right lighting, you will definitely create a cozy ambience. The pictures below reveal such clever design ideas.

Small attic room, but decorated to match!

Babyzimmer mit Dachschräge kleines Dachzimmer Tapete mit kleinen Tannenbäumen weiß und grau Beleuchtung Hängelampe

A very stylish baby room with a sloping roof – skilfully furnished, perfectly decorated and illuminated!

Babyzimmer mit Dachschräge stilvolle Raumgestaltung gekonnt eingerichtet perfekt dekoriert

With our ideas for baby rooms with sloping ceilings, you are now sure to be well armed and can only concentrate on the birth of your offspring. He’s welcome in his specially designed cuddle nest!

Even a little room decoration could be enough in a baby room with a sloping ceiling.

Babyzimmer mit Dachschräge passende Raumdeko wenig aber völlig genug Tapete an der Wand links

It is better not to overdo it, but decorate in moderation!

Babyzimmer mit Dachschräge kleines Zimmer Schräge Tapete an der Decke Bett Wandbild Sessel Deko Kissen

The contrast between white and black has a strong visual impact and is not recommended in baby rooms.

Babyzimmer mit Dachschräge Holzbalken Kontrast schwarz weiß einfache Einrichtung

We therefore advise against it!

Babyzimmer mit Dachschräge Raumgestaltung in Schwarz Weiß Vintage Style

Two or three accents in bright colors are allowed!

Babyzimmer mit Dachschräge gute Beleuchtung kleines Fenster Akzente in Gelb Deko Kissen Wandbild Gardine

Babyzimmer mit Dachschräge ansprechendes Ambiente viel Licht Hängelampe

Babyzimmer mit Dachschräge Ambiente in Weiß Grau Dunkelblau Bett offenes Regal Hängelampe

Babyzimmer mit Dachschräge Decke als Blickfang mit Ästen dekoriert Akzentwand in gelb

Examples of poor room design in a baby’s room with a sloping roof could also be of use to you!

Babyzimmer mit Dachschräge kleiner Raum schwarze Tafel links Bett Schräge Holzbalken

Babyzimmer mit Dachschräge schlechtes Beispiel dunkle Farben zu viele Sachen bedrückende Einrichtung

Babyzimmer mit Dachschräge kein schönes Zimmer sehr klein Bett Regal Kleiderhaken

Babyzimmer mit Dachschräge kein schönes Zimmer Holzbalken kleines Bett Vintage Style

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