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Shielding electrosmog – live healthy, live radiation-free!

There could hardly be anyone who has not heard of electrosmog. All media keep us informed about the danger that comes from electromagnetic radiation. Some fear-makers even describe electrosmog as the “new plague of modern society”. This is seen as the result of the super developed, digital world. The fact is that electrosmog is invisible, but very dangerous to people’s health and general well-being. Furthermore, it cannot be refuted that we are all inevitably exposed to electromagnetic radiation. Esmog comes from cell phones, radio masts, electrical and wireless devices and affects our health. It disrupts various processes in the human body, affects our blood circulation, our brain and even hormones. Specialists and doctors are sounding the alarm that it could lead to serious health problems! Electrosmog shielding is therefore a must in today’s modern and technically advanced society!

Der Elektrosmog beeinträchtigt unsere Gesundheit in vielfältiger Weise

Electrosmog affects our health in many ways

  • How did electrosmog come about?

Today we cannot imagine our life in the 21st century without electricity. The digital world is also advancing at a rapid pace. But if we take a quick look back at history, we find the beginning of this development process in a distant time, when Thomas Edison invented the first light bulb in 1879. A new era in world history dawned at that time. Unfortunately, today nobody can predict how far this process could come in the future.

Moderne drahtlose Devices

Modern wireless devices can be hazardous to health

Science teaches us that an electric field is created around an electric charge. This can be represented graphically by field lines. Magnetic fields arise when electrical charges move. These are characterized by closed field lines around the conductor. If magnetic fields remain unchanged over time, one speaks of static fields, otherwise of alternating fields. Its frequency changes and if it is above about 20 KHz, it is called an electromagnetic field. There are low and high frequency electromagnetic fields that have different effects on the human organism. For example, cell phones, WLAN and Bluetooth devices are high-frequency radiation sources. That is, the rapid development of digital technology brings many risks to human health. In the following we want to explain how you can live as healthy and radiation-free as possible.

Zu viel Mobiltelefonieren könnte negative Folgen haben

Too much mobile phone use could have negative consequences

  • Electromagnetic radiation is dangerous to your health

Without a doubt, we can call all electrical devices our best everyday helpers. The bad news, however, is that they create an invisible but dense fog of electromagnetic waves and this radiation affects us directly. In addition, there are the latest innovations in wireless technology, such as cell phones, Bluetooth, and WLAN. The WiFi Internet enables us to communicate with our friends, family members and business partners quickly and from almost anywhere in the world, but it intensifies the effect of electromagnetic radiation. This endangers the health of all people even more. Some are more sensitive to electrosmog than others. They are more sensitive and can even actively perceive the electromagnetic fields. It is critical and risky for these people to live in an environment full of electrosmog. It has already been scientifically proven that the strong electromagnetic radiation can be the cause of miscarriages and deformities in the body, it leads to chronic fatigue, headaches, stress and heart problems. Dizziness, autism, learning disabilities, and insomnia can all be attributed to it. The electrosmog even worsens the work of the cells and causes chaos in the human body, it disturbs the hormonal balance and changes the hormonal cycles. It can lead to cancer. Now comes the big question: what can you do about it? How can you shield yourself and your family against electrosmog? Can modern humans still live healthy and radiation-free?

Die gesundheitlichen Risiken bei starker elektromagnetischer Strahlung sind unzählig

The health risks associated with strong electromagnetic radiation are innumerable

  • Electrosmog shielding is necessary

Our answer to this is: Yes, effective protection against electromagnetic pollution is possible and we should talk about it more and more often. There are companies that want and can protect people from electrosmog and cell phone radiation. We just came across one of these on the Internet. Just click on esmog-shop.de and learn a lot more about possible electrosmog shielding. In the online shop shown above you will find high quality products that stop the negative effects of electrosmog. The multi-faceted range includes everything you need – from YSHIELD paints to blankets, wallpapers and fleeces to textiles for sewing curtains, bed canopies and clothing. Modern measurement technology is also at your disposal, which you can buy or rent inexpensively. As you can see, everything has been thought of! You can also get free expert advice on all aspects of electromagnetic shielding at the given Internet address. You can rely on it, it is help that comes from the heart!


Let yourself be advised about electrosmog shielding first, only then can you do something important for your health and live radiation-free

Last but not least, we would like to give you a good tip: Go outside more often, take short trips to radiation-free places, have a picnic in the forest or take a vacation by the sea. Avoid the risk of constant radiation and live healthy!

We want to wish you that!

Machen Sie wenigstens einmal im Jahr Urlaub an einem strahlungsfreien Ort

Take a vacation in a radiation-free place at least once a year

Vermeiden Sie lieber Orte wo viele Sendemasten zu sehen sind

Avoid places where there are many transmission towers

Es wäre besser Kleinkinder nähmen gar kein Mobiltelefon in die Hände

A cell phone is not a toy for toddlers

Handys sind modern nützlich aber auch nicht unbedenklich

Cell phones are modern, useful, but also not harmless

Können Sie sich unser Leben ohne elektrischen Strom vorstellen

Can you imagine our life without electricity?

In einem gut abgeschirmten Raum können Sie einen guten und erholsamen Nachtschlaf genießen

Wireless devices are all around us

Dieser Baldachin kann Sie vor Elektrosmog schützen

In a well-shielded room you can enjoy a good and restful night’s sleep.

Gönnen Sie sich ein Leben ohne Kopfschmerzen

Treat yourself to a life without a headache!

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