Stacey David Net Worth

Stacey David Net Worth

Known as the king of vehicle modifiers, Stacey David is an American television host and professional vehicle modifier. He is also the proprietor of a custom car shop in Nashville, Tennessee, called Rattletrap. He has earned his net worth through the sale of automobiles and his television shows. He also sells clothing and jackets and has a website.

As a teenager, Stacey built go-karts using 440cc snowmobile engines. He also learned the art of vehicle construction from legendary hot-rodders Darryl Starbird and George Barris. He was also a student of John Buttera.

Stacey started his career as a car aficionado during his school years, as he spent a lot of time at the local race track. As he grew older, he began to study the racing history of legends such as Richard Petty and Don Garlits. During this period, he also absorbed information about Carroll Shelby.

He later went to college at Boise State University, where he took biology lessons. However, he decided that the career path of a biology major was not for him. He opted to pursue a career in the automobile industry, which is why he has been a television host for the past two decades. He has hosted a show on Velocity and MAV TV named GearZ. He has been a guest on numerous auto shows and has been a popular fruit endorser. He is also an avid surfer. He is a member of the Zephyr Competition Team. He has also appeared on regional television commercials.

He is currently married to Kathryn David, who is also his business officer and serves as the corporate, legal and financial officer for Rattletrap Productions, Inc. As of early 2018, Stacey’s net worth is estimated at $3 million. The majority of his income comes from his television show. He has also been an automotive modifier and has received numerous awards. He has also been known to remodel the classic soul of vehicles.

He is also a skilled musician. He has played on several albums. He is a member of the Z-boys from Venice, California. He has also toured with many recording artists. He is also a part of the Zephyr Competition Team and is a surfer.

As of late 2017, he has not released his age, height or any other private details to the media. He has a body measurement of average, and looks to be in his mid-to-late 40s. He has been a part of many car projects and is known for tough jobs. He has a passion for four wheel drive vehicles, off roading in exotic locations and has worked on many vehicle modification projects. He has hosted several TV shows and has been featured in numerous auto shows. His interviews are often based on the building of trend-setting custom vehicles.

In 2007, Stacey started his own show, which aired on the MavTV channel. In 2005, he became the director of the show. He has been hosting the show since 2007. It is reported that he plans to continue it on the ESPN2 channel.

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