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Staircase carpet – tips and tricks for modern staircase design

Many homeowners strive for a modern staircase design at home. Because this offers you numerous design options in the stairwell. From classic to rustic to extravagant, everything would be possible here. Because, especially in the stairwell, the rule applies: everything you like has been selected correctly! It mainly depends on your personal preferences whether you want to highlight the staircase or prefer a simple design. The stairs in most houses are often right next to or opposite the house entrance. Anyone entering the house will see the stairwell first and may be impressed by it. So how you design your stairs is of key importance. In most cases, they’ll be eye-catching and can say a lot about your style and taste. For this reason, one should never underestimate the staircase design.


A beautiful stair carpet says a lot about your personal style and taste in interior design.

In today’s post we want that Stair carpet under the microscope and show you how important this is for the entire design concept in your own four walls. At the moment there are various models of stair carpets and runners in specialist shops, all of which are of high manufacturing quality. In principle, every possible risk of slipping is avoided with all of them, because the safety of the customers is the highest priority of the stair carpet manufacturers. The products differ according to the material from which they are made, according to their pile density and of course offer a wide range of colors and patterns.

Treppenteppich stilvolles Treppenhausdesign

A light carpet of stairs and a stylish staircase design always go hand in hand

The stair carpets can be made from different fabrics. Synthetic fibers are primarily used here, then sisal and coconut fibers are also used. The stair carpets can of course be woven, which increases their price. And as far as colors and patterns go, you can certainly feel a little lost. But the rule is: light colors make the stairwell appear wider. That is why most homeowners prefer pastel shades. But you have many different design options, because the patterns are basically endless. There are striped stair carpets, others are checked, honeycomb or dotted. Particularly noticeable are of course the brightly colored stair carpets, which also have a mix of patterns. They immediately transform into undisputed eye-catchers in the room.

Treppenteppich grau

Gray is trendy again this season and fits perfectly into any staircase design

First decide which color and which pattern would suit your stairwell best and only then do you go to the specialty store. Because it is always better to have a very clearly formulated wish before buying. Because the offer is really huge and you shouldn’t succumb to temptation, but buy the best possible covering for your stairs.


Subtle herringbone pattern looks good on the stair carpet

treppenteppiche muster design ideen

the herringbone pattern immediately attracts everyone’s attention

treppen teppich grau design

Another herringbone pattern in gray shows your style and taste

Treppenteppich Pastellfarbe

Pastel colors and subtle patterns are preferred by many homeowners

Treppenteppich klassischer Look modernes Treppendesign

The striped stair carpet looks classic even in the modern staircase design

Idee für den Treppenteppich

Gray stripes on a black background are an interesting idea for the stair carpet

Treppenteppich mit originellem Design

Stripes give us the illusion of height

Treppenteppich Leopardenmuster

Leopard print in beige….

Treppenteppich Leopardenmuster blau

or in blue is a special eye-catcher in the stairwell

treppenteppich elegant treppenhaus gestalten

A colorful stair carpet spices up the staircase design

Treppenteppich Ideen und Inspirationen

Each staircase in a different pattern and in different colors results in a colorful mix

Teppich für Treppen

Checkered means rather rustic and can be perfectly paired with wood

Muster Treppenteppich im Landhaus

Checkered pattern is great for the staircase design in a country house

Treppenläufer und Teppiche

Geometrically patterned stair carpet in dark pastel colors steals the show here!

treppenteppich schöne wohnideen

Another picture example of modern staircase design with stylish stair carpets

Treppenteppich Ideen

Modern stair carpet in the classic black and white color duo

treppenteppich attraktiv modern

Modern stair carpet in gray exudes a lot of sophistication

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