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The Mooring’s Steve Putnam

Putnam was born in 1917 – the year the influenza pandemic broke out and claimed an estimated 50-100 million lives worldwide.

Steven Putnam was an expert model maker who excelled at making accurate scale miniatures. His work became sought-after by local miniature shops despite remaining private and shy.

Early Life and Education

Like us at The Mooring, Steve Putnam met Parkinson’s disease with courage and determination. After moving in with Mary Lou and embarking on new pursuits with enthusiasm – like becoming a trained hospice volunteer visiting people at home or care facilities – Steve faced his condition head on.

Inspired by his grandfather’s model-making talents, Steve Putnam Designs began producing miniatures. Exhibiting at local galleries, and winning multiple awards and honors along the way. Additionally he pursued other artistic pursuits including fine art as well as set design, high-end retail display, landscape architecture and (award winning!) landscape architecture projects that have been commissioned by museums, private collectors and landscape architects across the globe – ultimately receiving orders for commissions from museums as well as receiving numerous awards and honors in Murray Utah where he lives along with his wife and two sons.

Professional Career

Putnam serves as head of both investment and operations departments at his firm, overseeing strategy and positioning decisions regarding investment portfolio construction for target-date, traditional asset allocation, multi-asset income, and total return strategies.

He brings over 30 years of industry experience, with particular expertise in integrating diversity across all aspects of a firm to enhance company policies, employee value propositions and corporate reputation as well as enhance customer and stakeholder experiences.

Putnam has long been an avid supporter of the arts. He is an active member of Eastern Connecticut State University folk group and enjoys music, photography and camping – not to mention thunderstorms! Alongside his wife he hosts reunions of childhood friends from Pioneer; dinners have also been hosted for new members at Florence church while vacationing is planned with family and friends on Block Island.

Achievement and Honors

Putnam has held several boards of community organizations, such as the Illinois-Iowa Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce and Genesis Health System board. She was also elected to serve on the National Communication Association board of governors as Chair for Organizational, International Communication and Conflict Management Divisions respectively.

In December 2022, Johnson earned recognition as a Putnam Fellow by finishing in the top 5% of more than 4,000 students who took the competition that began in 1938 and is open to undergraduates from North America. Johnson credits Ioana Dumitriu, UW assistant professor of mathematics who became the first woman to ever receive this honor in 1996, and Julia Pevtsova, graduate student, for coaching him to succeed.

He plans to continue his studies in mathematics and eventually earn a PhD, working in theoretical mathematics. So far he has published two papers and solved a 2001 conjecture by Jeff Kahn regarding the number of independent sets present in a graph.

Personal Life

Putnam found another passion throughout his life; earning bachelor, masters and PhD degrees in English eventually led to him finding himself as an instructor on college campuses both independently and as an Air Force contractor.

Putnam’s first assignment took him to Pikeville, Kentucky – an epicenter of the nineteenth-century Hatfield-McCoy feud – where he met Susan Daniels Smith who promised to help catch bank robber Carl “Cat Eyes” Lockhart.

As well as their work together, she became romantically attached to Putnam. On one trip to Pikeville she drove him up Peter Creek Mountain where they engaged in intimate sexual encounters; later she told friends about meeting up in motels for quickies. Unfortunately, however, their relationship eventually soured and after an argument had ensued, Putnam strangled her.

Net Worth

Lasser led Putnam from its humble Boston roots into becoming one of America’s 10th largest asset managers at its peak, winning widespread praise for his intellect and commanding leadership. Unfortunately, however, its investments – especially hyperaggressive growth funds – were often poorly timed or executed upon, leading some portfolio managers to complain of an environment favoring marketing over investment process.

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