Steven Quigley

Steven Quigley

Steven Quigley is an associate professor of communication at Boston University and author of multiple books about leadership and communication. Additionally, he directs their Master of Science Health Communication program.

He served on the Valley View Board of Education in Bolingbrook, Illinois. He is survived by his wife, children and their dog Portia.

Early Life and Education

Steven Quigley was born and raised in Geneva, New York. He attended DeSales High School and then Canisius College in Buffalo where he served as Manager for their Basketball Team. Following graduation he went to work at Radio Shack but soon realized his true calling as service was Jesuit Volunteer Corps.

Once he completed his time at JVC, he attended Fordham Law School and later began work at the Bronx District Attorney’s Office before eventually being named director of New York State Office of Civil Rights.

Quigley has long been known as an advocate for environmental concerns, supporting legislation like the Federal Birdsafe Buildings Bill and American Clean Energy and Security Act as well as increasing government funding to assist individuals obtain health insurance policies.

Professional Career

Quigley is an established senior lecturer in digital systems who has published numerous articles in top scientific journals and secured major grants from EPSRC and DTI for his research efforts.

He is also an accomplished author, having published books on corporate communication, leadership communication and health communications. Additionally, he serves as faculty at Boston University’s Master of Science in Health Communication program as well as teaching a summer exchange course at Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy.

Quigley is an active member of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, having spent two years serving Wilmington, Delaware. A 1975 graduate from Silver Lake Regional High School in Geneva, New York where he played both baseball and soccer, Quigley served as team captain during his senior year of study.

Achievement and Honors

Quigley made significant contributions to the study of housing markets, showing how increases in homeowner wealth drive consumer spending and lead to economic expansion. His research also explored economics of refuse collection, university decentralization’s effects on regional economies, the effect of government policy on housing prices as well as various other topics.

He was also an integral member of Minnesota’s ESGR community, serving as its fourth State Chair and assisting soldiers navigate USERRA as a volunteer Ombudsman. Through these roles he helped improve veterans lives by helping resolve disputes with employers.

He earned many accolades during his career, such as being presented the PRSA Distinguished Service Award and elected as an Assembly Delegate by Public Relations Society of America.

Personal Life

Quigley was an avid sports fan and golfer, enjoying camping, fishing and hunting as hobbies. A member of New Covenant United Church as well as being an Airborne Marine veteran. Together with his wife he had two children.

He excelled at finding innovative approaches to using empirical data to address key questions, such as how housing prices influence consumer behavior or the effects of segregation on black families’ ability to accumulate wealth through home ownership; or the influence of government-backed and voluntary energy standards on building values.

He was an energetic family man, deeply loved by all who knew him and will be sorely missed by his mother, sister and two daughters who survived him. Unfortunately, there were no witnesses present during his accident on an isolated road.

Net Worth

Quigley made significant inroads into his bank account at yesterday’s Delray Beach Open qualifying tournament by earning $4,780 through winning three qualifying matches and now looks set to make his ATP tournament debut and possibly reach the second round – potentially making that amount double!

Quigley continued appearing in B movies, starting off in 1981 slasher film Graduation Day where she had her first larger role. Subsequently she auditioned for rock bands before landing one with Haydee Pomar’s all-female Mad Whistle band as guitar player.

Attracting attention with her energetic performances on television programs such as CMT’s The Josh Wolf Show, NBC’s Megan Mullally Show and E! Network’s Chelsea Lately are just a few examples. Currently living in Los Angeles with multiple books to her credit she continues her legacy today.

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