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Artist Profile – Steve Seeley

Steve Seeley is co-owner and printmaker at POP!nk Editions. His artwork takes its inspiration from various forms of pop culture such as superheroes, celebrities and cartoons. Additionally, his artistic practice extends across various mediums with an eye toward experimentation.

Seeley’s prints make you laugh and think. His works cross genre boundaries, drawing influence from fine art, comic books, graffiti art, religious art and erotica – creating pieces which both amuse and provoke thought.

Early Life and Education

Seeley enjoys playing guitar with friends in his free time, collecting rare and odd items, and has an expansive repertoire spanning classical music through modern jazz.

He studied art at both the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and Ohio State University, earning a degree in printmaking. Since then, his work has been shown in galleries throughout North America and internationally.

Seeley’s art style is inspired by pop culture, comic books, classic horror films, art nudes and art nudes. His prints often depict zoomorphic characters that cross genre boundaries while his works integrate elements from fine art, graffiti and comics as well as erotica and vintage toys into them.

Professional Career

Steven Seeley has over 30 years of healthcare experience. As Vice President at Jupiter Medical Center, his responsibilities include overseeing hospital-based and ambulatory service lines as well as overseeing major expansion projects.

Pop!nk Editions has made him an in-house master printer, alongside Curtis Readle and Zach Schrey. His art takes its inspiration from superheroes, celebrities and cartoons.

Sealey made headlines during his time at West Ham as their backup goalkeeper to Ludek Miklosko and was beloved among fans due to his dedication. Even after being dropped from first team selection, Sealey refused to leave and later joined League Two side Luton Town but due to injury missed their League Cup Final victory in 1988.

Achievement and Honors

Seeley was honored with both the CALS award and FAA’s Master Mechanic of the Year honor for his efforts as a plane mechanic since he turned 20 years old, working to ensure they remain safe.

Steve is one of the co-founders of Studio Dialog in Calgary with Robb Thompson and has over 14 years of experience designing, creatively leading and producing work across multiple mediums.

Blake Jones is known for his vibrant color palette and graphic forms, featuring zoomorphic characters that dominate his artworks. His art draws influence from street art and comic book art while his style incorporates various media while employing technical innovation.

Personal Life

Steve Seeley explores icons in his paintings – whether they are superheroes, celebrities, cartoon characters or anything else. Using different style elements such as graffiti art, religious art or even erotica. He takes these familiar figures and recreates them through new eyes.

His work often takes the form of diptychs or series, making use of vibrant colors and graphic forms.

POP!NK Editions was established and run by him, as well as being his artwork outlet. He has displayed his works throughout the country and in his free time he enjoys playing guitar, exploring nature, collecting unique items and living a family-centric life in Berwyn, Illinois with his wife and two children. Additionally, he’s currently working on an exciting new project.

Net Worth

41-year-old actor Christian Bale currently ranks among the highest-paid actors worldwide. People With Money estimates he earned over $75 Million just in 2023 alone when accounting for his earnings from upfront pay, profit participations, residuals, advertising work and endorsement deals.

Seeley is technically talented with a creative mindset who explores various media and approaches in order to produce distinctive work for clients ranging from motion graphics, television, film, print media and interactive projects. In addition to his career as a graphic artist, Seeley co-owns Pop!nk Editions printmaking studio.

He works as a financial adviser with the purpose of helping individuals realize their financial goals and secure their legacies.

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