Steven Brock

Who Is Steven Brock?

Brock has been writing music since he was two. Since then, he has performed as both singer and dancer onstage, appearing on Aaron Carter’s Jukebox World Tour as well as Radio Disney Jingle Jams.

Brock is also an author, publishing books on developmental psychopathology and school psychology. In total he has made over 250 invited or refereed presentations at state, national, and international conferences.

Early Life and Education

Steven Brock is an accomplished photographer whose images from across cultures around the globe capture life under military dictatorship and an uncertain future. In Myanmar (formerly Burma), his new series of images capture the resilience of its people as they adapt and fight back.

He is both Nationally Certified School Psychologist and Licensed Educational Psychologist, serving 18 years with Lodi Unified School District as school psychologist (including six as lead psychologist). Additionally, he served as past President of California State University Sacramento Chapter of National Association of School Psychologists; editor for its newsletter; editorial advisory board; etc.

He hosts the podcast Live From Home, airing every two weeks. Patrons receive handwritten thank you notes as well as exclusive merchandise and VIP tickets to shows.

Professional Career

Steven Brock has extensive experience working in state government as a project and policy officer and with diverse communities of color. Additionally, he serves as portfolio manager on university research projects.

He is committed to inspiring and educating future musical artists and industry leaders, helping them discover their voice, make music they’re proud to share and build innovative career pathways.

Highland’s Longevity Planning team specializes in building sustainable life and long-term care divisions for independent marketing organizations (IMOs) and general agents, while helping clients meet their own legacy and estate planning needs. He possesses particular expertise in long-term care and disability income insurance as well as working with multiple health benefits programs including Medicare.

Achievement and Honors

Stephen Kottaras of Brock is not only an academic leader but also serves as performance coach for men’s volleyball team and president of Canadian Blood Services Chapter at Brock. Additionally, he was recently honored as an International Honor Society called Golden Key; which recognizes students who excel academically while contributing positively to society through leadership and service activities.

Brock Built is honored to receive the 2009 Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association (HBA) Builder of the Year Award. Their energy efficient homes are constructed in accordance with EarthCraft House Standards.

As well as bookbinder, he is also an accomplished photographer specializing in classic black and white silver and platinum prints which have been displayed internationally. Since 2006 he has hand bound six books featuring his photography.

Personal Life

Grant Steven Brock was an active part of Provo’s music community as both a singer-songwriter and member of The Brocks, an original rock band he co-founded with Becky. Together they own and manage their 900 cow dairy farm where they shared their love of nature with local residents and visitors.

Brock has also dabbled in photography and traditional Italian hand bookbinding techniques, producing silver and platinum prints which can be found in private collections worldwide. Additionally, he mentored Gallery Route One Latino Photography Project while teaching traditional printing and bookmaking classes in San Francisco.

Travel is often central to Brock’s work. He has witnessed first-hand how resilient human spirits can be across cultures worldwide – most recently Myanmar prior to their military dictatorship’s recent violent crackdown of liberties.

Net Worth

Brock Pierce rose from child acting fame to becoming one of the richest people on Earth by investing in video games and cryptocurrency – his current net worth exceeds $2 billion!

Brock Pierce is one of the best-known figures in crypto. As one of its pioneers, he assisted with founding three prominent cryptocurrency firms – Mt. Gox, Ripple and Stellar (a rival that helps speed cross-border payments).

Brock has also become known for his investment in video games, creating and publishing several successful titles over time. Additionally, he runs a studio for photography and traditional Italian hand bookbinding in Marin County that has showcased his work at several galleries; currently splitting his time between Inverness, Scotland and San Francisco Bay Area California.

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