Steven Diehl

Who is Steven Diehl?

Steve Diehl has dedicated 30 years of service and protection as a firefighter, serving with distinction for 30 years despite the inherent risk. Despite its perils, Steve loves his profession as it affords him the chance to help people in their darkest hours.

He enjoys cooking and cultivating plants. At one point he owned a lawnmower store in Darien and earned himself the name “Ace” due to his knack for fixing anything and everything.

Early Life and Education

Diehl discovered formal perspective while drawing a steamboat and was instantly transfixed. This breakthrough allowed him to render three-dimensional objects onto two-dimensional surfaces with ease.

Diehl was assisted during his undergraduate studies by two SF State faculty members – sculptor Robert Bechtle and painter Richard McLean – both Associate Professors, who would frequently attend art openings held by Diehl in Bay Area galleries as a show of support for him and his work. Although not obligatory, attending these art openings was one way for these associate professors to show they valued Diehl.

Diehl earned his B.F.A and was accepted to UC Davis’ graduate painting program; however, due to dyslexia he did not meet admissions standards and so faced a formidable challenge before finally realizing his childhood dream and convincing his family of his ability.

Professional Career

At this point, Diehl used his artistic talent to earn money and support himself financially. He made paintings depicting the white, folded paperboard containers most Chinese food delivery services use for delivery – an endeavor which provided both steady income and a visual link back to his past as a delivery boy.

Diehl’s anxiety eased significantly as he learned his art career would be successful. He followed an interactive drawing show on television while using materials provided by his parents – such as charcoal pencils white chalk and an explanatory lesson book – he discovered his full artistic potential.

Higgins’ class required Diehl to study and paint a piece by Wayne Thiebaud – an artist whose style would continue to influence his work – but due to his cumulative grade point average he was denied admission into U.C. Davis’s esteemed art department.

Achievement and Honors

Steven is a passionate environmentalist. His dedication to environmental law earned him two fellowship awards from Lewis & Clark and Wyss Foundation; additionally, he is recognized as an outstanding scholar and teacher in his field.

As well as practicing law, he also serves on the board of Columbia County Farmers National Bank & Trust Co. His undergraduate degree comes from Bloomsburg University while his MBA comes from Lehigh University.

He enjoys traveling and spending time with family in his free time, hiking and biking as hobbies. In 2022 he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease; currently receiving care from a team including physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and social workers.

Personal Life

Steven Glen Diehl is a non-binary Jewish actor and drag queen residing in the heart of America. Under the moniker Biqtch Puddin, Steven has appeared both on television as well as stage across the country.

He was an active member of Christ Lutheran Church and enjoyed fishing. He is survived by his wife Christine M. Diehl of Red Lion, PA; two daughters Lisa Burke and Laura Schell from Felton PA as well as three grandchildren Ansley Mason and Bryce; brother Barry Diehl from Seven Valleys as well as Brenda Shearer from York PA.

Funeral Services for William “Bill” McCarrick will take place at 11:00 AM on Wednesday, November 28th in Christ Lutheran Church 126 West Main Street Dallastown PA 17313. Visitation will start at 9:30 am until service time at 11AM.

Net Worth

According to online resources, John Diehl is currently single and prefers keeping his personal life private. At 69 years old he primarily makes a living as a TV Actor.

He enjoys an enormous fan base and is widely recognized for his acting talent. Additionally, he’s very active on social media with numerous followers across various platforms.

He owns his own business and engages in charitable efforts. As one of the most beloved actors worldwide, he has also established himself in business ownership and various charitable endeavors. In the world of entertainment he is well-known and enjoys a high net worth; with a beautiful family to call his own and a career that has proven very fruitful for both himself and others alike.

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