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Striking little do-it-yourself rugs

If you are a couch potato, but not a sag, then you would certainly be interested in today’s DIY ideas. They are actually intended for people who really want to be active at home and express their individuality and creativity in the best possible way through small, self-made works. Today we’re going to show you some great ideas for homemade small carpets.


A small, round rug made from scraps of fabric could spice up your bathroom or children’s room.

Many of our readers may know this idea from their grandmothers. This is something useful that you can make out of various scraps of fabric. This amazing small unique item is crocheted from available fabric supplies. You can use all kinds of scraps of fabric for this, such as old sheets, curtains and the like. You can find detailed instructions on how to make a round carpet yourself on the Internet. Follow these and create a real piece of jewelry for your bathroom or children’s room yourself.


This small rug is made entirely by hand and shows the remarkable weaving skills of its manufacturers

Thisr incredible carpet is entirely manual work, he is made on a wooden loom! You can also try to imitate this at home. First prepare a wooden frame and put she Nails to it. E.rst then start with T-shirt-Rests and yarn to weave. I know that from my grandmother, who was able to make large, colorful and very beautiful carpets by hand. If you have problems working on the loom, it is best to let an experienced hobbyist inform you.

flokati carpet

This handmade Flokati rug is still proof of human skill! He also shows us how to play with the colors.

If you have a lot of old thread unused at home lying around, you should Let the following idea go through your head: onen to make beautiful, colorful flokati carpets yourself. For that would If you need carpet canvas, a locking hook, toole, Yarn and a lot of patience! Don’t start big, try to make a small rug to begin with. Play with the colors and you will create something special!

children's carpets

A runner embellished with long tassels could add some authentic charm to your bedroom or children’s room

Here is ae simple idea to be realized, especially when patience is not your strong point. she can buy a little runner and him then With yourn hand made tassels beautify. R.Do some research on the internet for easy tassel instructions and soon you will have a beautiful runner at home. For the corridor or the bedroom, you decide!


This pompom rug is a great idea for your home office, right?

Here is another ones example of small, homemade Carpet. For his You need something soft to make Yarn, actually a lot of it! In the on-line-Instructions will give you enough info on how man Makes these big pompoms and them then all togethersews.

round carpet

This colorfully woven round mat is an instant eye-catcher!

This brightly woven circleshaped Matte brings one happy mood with and one super trendy Touch in every ambience, wherever you lay it out. D.ie fcheerful colors and tassels on the outside ensure. For this project, you will need a piece of cardboard and lots of yarn to make the round mat and pom-poms.


Interestingly patterned small rug for your terrace or veranda. You could have breakfast on it or drink beer in the evening.

If you need a stylish outdoor rug for your porch or patio, yourn Make your own by using simple stencil patterns on one Apply cheap little carpet and use it with embellish with a spray paint.


A pretty and practical bath mat with self-made decoration

This pretty bath mat will from created a purchased mat as a base and then with nicely shaped Fabric rosettes embellished. I personally would in this case with jersey fabric work or take an old shirt so that one no edge sees or feels.

colorful carpet

Make your own colorful carpet out of embroidery thread

This is a cool one DIY Project that left a techniquengtthat you will be familiar with have toif you’ve ever made a bracelet out of embroidery floss. For this project only, you should use brightly colored fabric instead of embroidery floss.


This small rug brings a bit of a southern atmosphere into your home office

This stylish rug brings a bit of the southruralmood in your interior with its geometric shapes and muted colors. E.r is very easy to do – all you need is a simple oner whiter Carpet from IKEA, which you then use Make tape and color more attractive.

We wish you more creative ideas and good luck Your DIY carpet project!

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