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Super lovely Halloween desserts and treats

The horror festival Halloween is already around the corner and many people around the world are looking forward to it, because today this event means a lot of fun for young and old. We decorate our apartments and the house entrances according to the festival and want to have as much fun as possible. Every festival also has a richly decorated banquet table, on which tastefully prepared food and numerous delicacies are served. It is the same on Halloween. Because “Trick or Treat” is the motto of the horror festival. All mothers try to prepare great delicacies and desserts for their loved ones. These should look a little different this time, because it’s Halloween! Do you already have interesting ideas about your chicks or cookies? We can help you with super lovely ideas and show you today how fancy the candy can be for Halloween. Stay tuned and get inspired!

Ghostly spiders are definitely a great eye-catcher on your banquet table on Halloween

halloween chocolates

Ghostly spiders conquer the festive table on Halloween

You don’t need a lot of time to prepare these chocolate spiders. But they look just as funny as they are delicious and would definitely taste good for young and old.

Chocolate eyeballs as a Halloween table decoration


Delicious eyeballs

On October 31st you can start your family breakfast with these sweet balls. They look very special, of course, and resemble terrible eyeballs. But they are so delicious that they can be eaten quickly before you even know it.

Pumpkin Tortilla Chips

turmeric tortilla chips

Pumpkin tortilla chips decorate the dining table on Halloween

These pumpkin-shaped chips are delicious and can be placed on the table as an appetizer.

Creepy cake or an irresistible treat?

halloween cake glaze chocolate

Cake with dark chocolate glaze

As you can see, the bottom of the cake is red and looks like the cake is “bleeding”. But it has a dark chocolate glaze and that makes it irresistible on Halloween.

Pumpkin pastries look delicious


Pumpkin pastries as a dessert on Halloween

Halloween isn’t just supposed to be scary and terrifying. Such pumpkin-shaped pastries can make your party very pleasant.

Cookies with creepy decoration


Cookies for Halloween

If you don’t have enough time to bake, purchase a packet of sugar cookies from your local grocery store. At home, these goodies can decorate with signs and symbols of the horror festival. For example, cover them with white icing and paint the typical Halloween characters on them with black icing. Voila, your decoration is ready!

A haunted house that doesn’t seem frightening at all


Chocolate haunted house

This haunted house made of cookies and chocolate is of course not for everyone, but it looks terribly delicious! And tastes the same!

Small monster faces make the horror festival even more fun


Little delicious monster faces

Yes, we admit, those little monster faces are more ridiculous than terrible, and your kids will just as enjoy eating lots of them.

Apple pie for Halloween


Now the motto is: Trick or Treat?

To pleasantly surprise your guests, you can serve this cake on October 31st. It’s covered in caramel and chocolate, and there are candied apples on top. Cool right?

Halloween gives you the opportunity to let your imagination run wild while baking


Delicious cobweb cookies

Wouldn’t you like to try this dessert right away? Cobweb cookies are perfect Halloween baking ideas! Devilishly delicious!

Isn’t that what a witch hat looks like?

cookie witch hat decorated

Small, delicious witch hat

Decorated with a witch hat, your children won’t have to wait long to access the cookie.

Black Halloween cake

halloween cake decoration

The pure temptation as a Halloween cake

We showed you the red “bleeding” cake. Now comes another, who is the great competition for the first.

Evil witch cake as a decoration and treat


“Wicked Witch” cupcakes

This masterfully decorated chick is for anyone who doesn’t like to bake. To create it, you need cupcakes, chocolate kisses, and sandwich cookies. Of course, also the good tips on what you can do with all these sweets.

Dracula’s teeth for overwhelming feelings on Halloween


Vampire teeth

Imitate these vampire teeth and scare young and old with them. Or rather not!

Pumpkin-shaped pancakes are delicious too!


Pancakes poured with dark chocolate

If you wake up on October 31st and want to prepare something delicious for your loved ones, then you can start with these pancakes right away. Then douse some with hot, dark chocolate and surprise everyone at home! The horror festival can begin!

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