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The best perennial shade plants for your garden

Beautify Well protected, lying in the shade Put these simple shade plants in your garden landscapen, the hardly require care and attention, but you do each year rejoice anew. If you don’t know exactly which perennials to plant in the shade or partial shade in your garden, we have some suitable ideas ready for you. Read on and admire these garden beauties!

Balkan cranesbill

balkan cranesbill

The Balkan cranesbill brings a lot of fragrant green to your garden

The Balkan cranesbill is a perennial garden plant. This is still known under the names rock cranesbill or large-rooted cranesbill, in Latin geranium macrorrhizum. This type of geranium prefers to grow in shady locations, but can also withstand heat and drought well. Deer and rabbits draw usually peacefully overwhen they’re looking for tasty prey. This shade plant blooms from spring to late autumn and shows its pink or white flowers very modestly; some varieties also offer showy coloring and bribe us with their woody, fragrant foliage. The Balkan cranesbill is hardy and can be up to 50 cm high grow.

Toad lily (Tricyrtis)

toad lily

Many people stagnate in front of this beauty without knowing exactly which garden plant it is

Put on one colored Fall show with the Toad lily (Tricyrtis) shade plant. It is a persistent one herbaceous plant that gives us offers unique blooms. These are white or yellow with interesting purple or blue spots. The toad lily is often compared to orchids because their flowers are just as beautiful and adorable.



Delicate little flowers with heart-shaped green leaves – that’s the real lungwort

The lung herbs (Pulmonaria) include around 20 types of perennial shade plants. The best known of these is undoubtedly the real lungwort, which is also popularly known as Hansel and Gretel or Adam and Eve. The real lungwort is still called spotted lungwort and shows its green, heart-shaped leaves and beautiful flowers even in spring. The spots are in the form of lungs and that’s where the name of this perennial comes from. The colorful foliage looks great all season long out, but this shade plant sets inen particularly beautiful colorful Accented with their pink, white or blue flowers in spring. The Lungwort doesn’t grow very tall, it reaches a height of 20 cm.

Yellow lark spur


The yellow lark spur blooms from spring to late autumn and impresses you with beautiful yellow flowers

The yellow larkensporn also belongs to the genus of perennial herbaceous garden plants that prefer shady places in the courtyard. The soil should be well drained, preferably rocky, stony and calcareous. The is one perennial plant that is in the shade grows and blooms from May to September. If well developed, the yellow larksporn flowers are up to 20 years long. she be able its clusters of yellow flowers from late spring through all summer through to first frost admire outside. It’s not just the flowers that do us through their Charm beauty. The gray-green leaves of this shade plants are just as attractive. the hardy Plant grows even upside down in archways and reaches a height of approx. 2 m.

Large-leaved Caucasus forget-me-not (Brunnera)

large-leaved forget-me-not

Large-leaved Caucasian forget-me-not has a long-term presence in the garden

Glitter in spring in the shadow of many Gardens the sky-blue flowers of the large-leaved forget-me-not (Brunnera). If this perennial doesn’t just blooms, impress us their large, heavily structuredn leavesthat as well look good – especially if you are diverse in natureen this shade plant have in your garden. Even though the beautiful garden plant often only blooms for a short time, it throws itself seeds and tends toto have a long-term presence in the garden.

Hakonechloa macra ‘Aureola’ – Japanese golden ribbon grass

japan gold ribbon grass

Lush foliage in golden yellow stripes – that is the Japan golden ribbon grass

The Japan golden ribbon grass (Hakonechloa macra) is wonderful grass for plants that grow in the shade. Its golden and colorful striped leaf creatures fall to the ground like a waterfall and shine cheerfully towards us. D.he foliage is splendid colored in golden yellow or white. In autumn, the leaves of this shade plant usually show beautiful reddish hues. The plant grows up 20 cm high.

Evergreen grape lily is excellent ground cover

grape lily

A beauty from the Far East that adorns our gardens as well

The evergreen grape lily (Liriope) comes from the Far East and is used in the design of a Japanese garden. This perennial is easy to care for, it prefers a garden locatione in partial shade. The evergreen grape lily is easy to care for, it gives us a gift grassy pointed Foliage and shows us beautiful blue in late summere or white flowers. This perennial shrub is resistant to Deer and hares and grows practically problem-free after their implantation. the Evergreen grape lily reaches a height of 20 cm.


iron hat

The beautiful purple flowers of the monkshood

Monkshood (aconite) is a remarkable shade plant because it blooms in late summer, when most other garden plants in the shade have finished blooming. Named is this perennial after their spherical flowers. These are colored in blue to purple and put a colorful splash in the garden in September and October. The monkshood grows up to 1.80 m high. Its beautiful flowers can be seen from afar.

Heart flower

heart flower

The heart flower covers every garden soil perfectly and forms a dense green carpet

The heart flower (Dicentra eximia and D. Formosa) is still called Doppelsporn or dwarf heart flower. That is a perennial, she blooms in spring and will be your garden during the wholen warm season decorate. It grows wonderfully in moist, slightly drained soils without waterlogging. These shade plants need sufficient moisture during the hot and dry summer time. D.ie sensitive Heart flower flowers are common from red to pink to white colored and look gorgeous in groups. When the heart flower doesn’t bloom, it delights us with hers blue-green foliage. She grows best in the shade or partial shade and reaches a height of approx. 40 cm.

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