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The kitchen island is getting thinner! Examples of images for narrow kitchen islands with a large function

Yes, you can now add a kitchen island to your small kitchen. Because this important piece of furniture is getting narrower and narrower, but retains its functionality. The following picture examples prove it!

For many homeowners, kitchen islands are their favorite spot in the kitchen. They provide an extra work surface apart from the other ones used for food preparation and often serve as the gathering point where family and friends sit together. Often chat or drink a bottle of wine. We now show you in which direction the modern kitchen island is developing. Stay tuned and let the following examples surprise you!

kitchen wall design elegant kitchen island

The modern kitchen island is getting thinner, but retains its functionality.

The minimum recommended width of a work passage in the kitchen is 1 m for a single cook and 1.20 m for multiple cooks. This means that you need free space at least 0.90 m wide. It can be difficult to fit a standard-width island into a small kitchen, typically between 65cm to 1m wide. You still have to have enough space for walkways.

When we talk about the width of a kitchen island, it always means that there isn’t enough space there for flexibility in kitchen work. In such a case, one must have an additional surface available that does not interfere with the work process in the kitchen. Many homeowners really prefer a compact kitchen island because it better suits their kitchen dimensions and because movement in the room is normal.

Of course, you don’t want to have an island that is too tiny and no longer useful. It must offer you enough space so that you can easily carry out various kitchen tasks there.

Kitchen with island

A narrow kitchen island also fits perfectly in a small kitchen

It is important to think about the function of your kitchen island in advance. Do you need additional storage space? Can the island have open shelves or do you need closed storage? If you prefer a kitchen island with open shelves then you need to consider what you want to display there. Because the kitchen island is always the logical focal point in the kitchen and everything that is on or in it is on display. The items there must be one of the most frequently used items in your kitchen.

Kitchen island with pendant light

Can a kitchen island have open or closed storage space? Which do you prefer?

Or maybe you need an island that doubles as a gathering point in the kitchen. You are certainly not about to serve a multi-course meal on top. The kitchen island should have the right width so that some people can sit on it and place their coffee cups or wine glasses there. Of course, you’ll need to plan so that you can put a couple of stools or chairs around the island that won’t get in the way of the person cooking.

Solid wood kitchen with island

A few stools around the kitchen island often turn it into a popular gathering point for family and friends

Sure, a narrow kitchen island won’t be able to accommodate a sink or hob, but it could come in handy by putting items from the fridge or oven on it. This actually helps you put hot things there without having to go too far from the oven.

plan kitchens yourself kitchen island wood

You can put various things on the kitchen island that you always have to hand

An island does not have to be an integral part of the kitchen equipment. The next picture shows a freestanding island in an industrial style kitchen. The island is on wheels so you can move it around in space if you need to. Always make sure that the wheels are properly closed when parking, otherwise the kitchen island can slide in one direction. And that is at most undesirable.

Kitchen island modern

A narrow kitchen island on wheels can be easily moved around the room

Position your kitchen island so that it best fits the geometry of your room. If your kitchen is long and narrow, then you need a long and narrow island. If you have more space in your kitchen, an island with a similar shape to the room will fit there.

Modern kitchens with island

Square-shaped kitchen and square-shaped kitchen island create the perfect look

Bigger is not always better. In a spacious kitchen, make sure that the kitchen island does not get in the way and disrupt your work process there.

Kitchen with island white

Nothing should disturb your work process in the kitchen!

We wish you the best of luck with the design of your kitchen! Consider again integrating a narrow kitchen island there!

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