These are the Covid-19 vaccination recommendations from Stiko for children from 5 to 11

Stiko has updated its vaccination recommendation for Covid-19 for children aged 5 to 11 years. First and foremost, the vaccination of children with previous illnesses is expressly recommended. Vaccination against the coronavirus is also recommended for children who come into contact with people at risk. In addition, children can also be vaccinated if their parents so wish.

After weighing up all the available data on the vaccine and any vaccinations that have already been carried out, the Stiko officially recommends vaccinating children with various previous illnesses. But children who move around contact persons who are susceptible to severe courses due to an infection with the coronavirus should also be vaccinated, according to Stiko.

In addition, the Standing Vaccination Commission gives parents who wish to have their children vaccinated the opportunity to act individually. At this point, reference is made to the data situation, which is still considered to be quite thin for a general vaccination recommendation. However, one should bear in mind that the 7-day incidence in children of the corresponding age is currently extremely high. It can be assumed that the majority of children between the ages of 5 and 11 would be infected in the medium term (without vaccination). Individual information from a doctor is recommended.

Although most infections are asymptomatic at a young age, i.e. mostly without serious symptoms, the Stiko is also aware that the number of infections among younger children is currently dramatic.

It is recommended to vaccinate with two doses of the mRNA vaccine Comirnaty (10µg), manufactured by Biontech / Pfizer, every 3-6 weeks.

In addition to the pure vaccination recommendation for children, the Stiko actively addresses parents, teachers, educators and other caregivers, with the express request to be vaccinated. With an emphasis on vaccination and booster sessions.

Should the data improve over time, the Stiko does not rule out a general vaccination recommendation, even from the age of 5.

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