Really good birth gifts for baby and parents

When a baby is due to be born, it is usually not just the parents-to-be who are excited. The rest of the family is also often in absolute baby fever during pregnancy. And rightly so! Because when the family grows, that’s a real reason to be happy. Of course, everyone now thinks about which gifts for the birth would be the right ones. What can parents really use when their baby is here? What might not have been thought of? And what could be extraordinary enough to land a real surprise hit? Here are a few valuable tips!

Of course, gifts given at birth should first and foremost bring joy. At best the baby and the parents. But then there is also the long list of initial baby equipment. Plus a lot of great things that might not even make it onto the list because they’re either unaffordable or perhaps you’ve never heard of them. So what points do you have to look for before looking for gifts?

  • Inquire about and discuss the initial equipment list
  • What have the parents worried about?
  • Are there any other donors? Can you coordinate?
  • Do the parents have special wishes or preferences? Are there aversions and no-go’s?

The classics with an upgrade as a gift for the birth

There is absolutely no question that the more usual practical gifts at birth are also a financial relief for parents. The first year with a baby is a particular challenge. Also for the wallet.

Baby gift for birth
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It can help if, in addition to the ticked off initial equipment list, you have as many consumables as possible in the house. A classic that is still often given today is of course the diaper cake. There is nothing wrong with that. However, this cake is also “eaten” at some point. A few more material gifts can be made a real joy with a small upgrade.

The most beautiful gifts are always those that you can benefit from in the long term. This is of course also the case with gifts for birth. Anyone who belongs to the family or is close friends with the parents-to-be, certainly knows the tradition of introducing a savings account at birth (often also at baptism), into which a certain amount of money is paid every month until the baby turns 18. In many families or groups of friends it should have happened that several donors had the same idea.

So if you would like to give a gift that is also binding in the long term, but the savings account is not an option, you could resort to a gift sponsorship. How about, for example, taking on a diaper subscription for the first 12 months? (Incidentally, this is not as expensive as you should initially think). Alternatively, you could take over a pair of summer shoes and winter shoes until the child’s umpteenth birthday. The possibilities are actually unlimited. Whoever takes up shoe sponsorship, simply buys a cute pair of baby shoes and also packs a heartfelt letter as a certificate for the “sponsorship”. The joy of such an extraordinary gift will be enormous.

You can also give birth to parents

If, of course, the focus is on the newborn baby when giving birth, it is not forbidden to give attention to the parents as well. There are certainly many great (also very personal) little things that you can give as gifts.

Parents with baby in bed
The new life as a couple deserves a birth present. (Image: © Prostock-studio / Adobe Stock)

But here, too, we would like to turn our gaze away from the usual. Because for mom and dad, individually, but also as a couple, a completely new and still unknown phase of life is coming to light. There is a huge reason to be happy, but also little sleep, a lot of cuddling time with the baby, but also less time as a couple. All of these things take time to get used to. It has to get used to it.

Gifts for the parent soul for the birth

In addition to purely material gifts, we thought about ideas that could be used to support a young couple in the baby’s first year of life.

  • A very extraordinary gift for the birth would be if the parents were invited to eat together once a week to relieve the burden. In these situations they are allowed to be parents and a couple at the same time. That will do them good.
  • A kind of emergency voucher booklet would also be a great idea. For example, things like babysitting, cleaning windows, taking care of the sibling, bringing sibling to daycare, cooking and shopping, as a single card or permanent voucher can be found there. Whether you limit the period to the puerperium or you want to accompany the entire first year is of course up to you. But we think it’s a nice idea to offer support that is far too seldom used in other ways, although it has been offered urgently.

Material gifts can also have depth

But also more material gifts for the birth are welcome to deviate a little from the norm. It’s nice when you can combine the useful with the gesture.

  • Since the new mum certainly wore maternity clothes during her pregnancy, which may no longer fit, but also her clothes from before the pregnancy do not work, a voucher for chic transitional clothes would be a real financial help.
  • How about a course voucher for mom and dad? We spontaneously thought of carrying advice. At the latest during the growth spurts, or in the foreign phase, this knowledge pays off enormously.
  • Incidentally, a lot of fathers have a huge respect for the role of dad. Especially if it’s your first baby. There are really great (also funny) father’s guides in the form of books (🛒) that manage to take most men away from uncertainties about being a father. A REALLY better gift than meets the eye.

The most beautiful classic baby gifts for birth

As nice as that certain touch of extraordinaryness is in a gift, there are many classics that you can pick up at any time without doing anything wrong.

Many of these things are already on the initial equipment list mentioned above. However, you can never have enough of some in the house. Others may have been postponed. Whether for financial reasons or because you won’t need them for a few months. But they are all gifts that the baby will dearly love and use.

Siblings also had babies

By the way, one of the best gifts is the one for siblings. Most siblings love having a baby. It’s exciting, cuddly and it’s REALLY great to be a big sister or brother now.

Sister and baby
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But it is also extremely hustle and bustle around the baby. It is particularly valuable when someone comes from “outside” and congratulates you as a brother or sister. As a child, you can feel that you are not less important for your familiar surroundings, “just” because there is a baby there.

So if you want to give something to siblings for the birth of the baby, it makes sense to get two little things at the same time. One of these should have nothing to do with the baby. Because it is especially good for smaller, older siblings when they are allowed to feel valued as individuals. In addition, there are also great age-appropriate children’s books for new siblings, which deal with family life with a baby (🛒) and explain the important role as a sibling in particular.

At birth one gives with the heart

So when you start looking for a birth present, it doesn’t matter at all in the end how much money you want to (or can) take into your hand. There are so many great gestures that cannot be outweighed in gold. But they are very special gifts, for parents and babies, if you manage to fill the practical use with soul.

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