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Things to know about storage options at home

Ordered is better. In order to escape the confusion in small rooms, one should rely on clever and diverse storage ideas. Select specific places in the room where you will store the living accessories. Shelf cubes as open organization systems are a great fit here. The absence of a door and the installed wall lamp allow more storage space for books and various decorative items.

Clever storage in delicate pastel colors storage boxes bedroom wall shelves design

Many vertical surfaces in the house remain free. Small or large, they can be used cleverly, there is enough space, especially for narrow accessories. Attach a wire shelf to the inside of the door. In this way, you can see the contents as soon as you open them and have all items at hand.

Use the inside of the door for wrapping paper organization-storage idea small room tidying up accessories organization system

The inside of the door can also hold your wrapping paper

The wall shelves don’t necessarily have to take up a lot of space. Smaller versions are practical and can be adjusted down to the centimeter.

Practical bookshelves in the wall niche storage bookshelf wall shelf made-to-measure hanging shelf

Practical bookshelves in the wall niche

Often there is not enough space in a small room for large pieces of furniture. However, the search for small, practical furniture sometimes has surprises in store. The bathroom cabinet with three storage compartments offers enough space for storing towels and accessories, and ensures an elegant presentation.

Create order in the bathroom with the classic bathroom cabinet - bathroom furniture, bathroom fittings, bathroom accessories, storage basket

Create order in the bathroom with the classic bathroom cabinet

The small bathroom needs compact and space-saving storage. Since oversized pieces of furniture make any room appear smaller, choose a ladder shelf. The wall-mounted shelves are attractive, practical and visually expand the space.

Colorful interior with ladder shelf storage tidiness bathroom bath accessories ladder shelf

Colorful interior with a ladder shelf

The larger wall cabinets for the bathroom with their numerous doors and drawers serve as an ideal storage space. The cabinet in the photo was attached not far from the corner, above the cistern, to save space.

Make full use of the niches in the bathroom - storage bathroom wall cabinet small bathroom in white

Make full use of the niches in the bathroom

This type of open storage is very convenient. Objects of the same size as here can be cleverly stowed in magazine files hung on the cupboard.

Storage of kitchen accessories on the side of the cupboard-storage order magazine kitchen kitchen accessories

Storage of kitchen accessories on the side of the cabinet

Multifunctional furniture is the right choice for a small space. The small home office is difficult to organize. The strategically placed bookshelves, which appear somewhat playful, come to the rescue. This pretty home office also has a stylish metal ottoman and a practical desk for keeping your notebook. The small, colorful storage boxes house the accessories.

Chic home office - colorful design for the small study storage organization system home office home office open wall shelves

Chic home office – colorful design, cozy working atmosphere

If you want to achieve order and don’t want to put on open shelves everywhere, you could hide the accessories with textiles.

Hide the storage space with the help of textiles-Creative storage textile blanket DIY organization living room

Hide the storage space with the help of textiles

Jewelery and small accessories could be stored very cleverly. To save space in the drawers and on the shelves, small magnetic boards or jewelry holders can be attached to the wall. Cover a wooden frame with cork and hang up the delicate necklaces and bracelets.

Modern storage options for jewelry and small accessories-jewelry storage jewelry holder magnetic board DIY

Modern storage options for jewelry and small accessories

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