Tip: Clean windows from the inside

The inside of the windows is best cleaned with newspaper! I actually heard this tip from a VW dealership. In my opinion it doesn’t work at all. Although the panes were not very smeared, the printer’s ink could not be overlooked as small particles on the front pane.

It is best to clean your windows, especially the front window, in the classic way with a little glass cleaner. It depends on the right cloth: We have had the best experience with this particular Alclear glass cloth. It is important to only dampen the cloth with a damp cloth – preferably with a very small amount of glass cleaner, and then to wipe the pane evenly. This is probably the best way to get windows relatively streak-free. Under no circumstances should you use a normal microfiber cloth for drying, as this will unmistakably spread its microfiber lint over the entire glass surface.

Until recently, Aral had special window cleaning cloths for indoor use in its range. A cleaning solution was already applied to the white, lint-free microfibre cloths. Only with these cloths have I always gotten the windscreen absolutely streak-free. After several tests, I can use the cleaning cloths from Sonax and Co not recommend.

Updated 2017: Whether because of this article or not: Amazon now offers exactly the one recommended here Meguiar’s glass cleaner and the Alclear cloth even in a package 🙂

ir?t=heimkinopaged 21&l=li3&o=3&a=B01BYFF892For the Cleaning the windscreen from the outside I have already presented a product from Meguiars here.

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