Yamaha UMX: multi-tool with petrol or electric motor

Yamaha UMX: optionally with petrol or electric drive, the robust workhorse is recommended for riding stables, farms, parks, resorts, landscape and gardening companies, golf courses and leisure facilities as well as manufacturing companies of all kindsYamaha presents a workhorse that can do everything with its UMX. Its use begins where other vehicles reach their limits. Its biggest advantage is its large transport capacity with compact dimensions – the UTV measures only 3,032 by 1,253 by 1,824 mm (length x width x height) and has an aluminum loading area of ​​1,044 x 1,167 x 302 mm, which offers a payload of 363 kg . The loading area can be tilted and its tailgate can be opened and closed with just one hand. At the front under the hood there is another storage space with a loading volume of up to 29 liters.

Yamaha UMX: handy and comfortable

If things get very tight, then that’s not a problem either: The turning circle radius of the UMX is just under four meters. For the driver and front passenger, there are two independent, comfortable seats in the passenger compartment with a center console and armrests. Open side panels allow for quick and easy entry and exit.

Electric or petrol engine

Yamaha UMX: 29 liter storage compartment under the front hoodTwo engines are available for the drive: a single-cylinder four-stroke engine and an electric drive. Yamaha promises uncomplicated and simple operation for both, after all everyone on the farm should be able to work with the UMX without any problems.
The combustion engine has 400 cubic capacity, electronic fuel injection and an output of 10.6 kW (14.3 hp). Yamaha has designed the engine for extreme robustness and reliability, thanks to the stepless fully automatic it should be easy to drive. “Get in, start, accelerate, brake – that’s all there is to do,” promises Uwe Zahnhausen, who is responsible for ATVs, UTVs and side-by-sides at the German Yamaha importer. At the same time, it is pleasantly quiet in operation.
The areas of application of the petrol-powered UMX are primarily riding stables, farms, parks, resorts, landscaping and gardening companies, golf courses and leisure facilities as well as manufacturing companies of all kinds. Thanks to the 20 liter fuel tank volume, refueling stops are rather rare.

Indoor operations with zero emissions

Yamaha UMX: tipping loading area for 363 kg loadWhen it comes to zero emissions and almost noiseless operation, the UMX with electric drive is the popular alternative. Its motor has an output of 5 kW and it offers a strong torque from the first revolution, which is typical of electric motors. It also shines with extremely low maintenance. “Driving, charging – that’s all,” promises Uwe Zahnhausen. The fields of application of the electrically operated Yamaha UMX are riding stables, when it comes to driving into the stables, animal parks and also indoor use in companies and airports.
Both the petrol engine and the electric version of the UMX offer a top speed of 31 km/h. As befits a real workhorse, the UMX is very robust and doesn’t mind tough work assignments. It has an automobile-like body made of PU powder-coated polyester that is lightweight and impact-resistant.

availability and cost

Yamaha Revs Your HeartBoth versions are available in Eclipse Black, Glacier, and Leaf Green colors; Yamaha offers a wide range of accessories for its multi-tool. Including the roof and windshield, Yamaha recommends a retail price of 10,525 euros for the UMX with a combustion engine; with an electric drive, the workhorse costs 12,125 euros – available from Yamaha ATV and golf cart dealers. x

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