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6 Tips to Decorate a Shared Space with your Roommate in Houston

Houston is a big city situated on the east-most side of Texas. Real estate in Houston is very popular and relatively cheaper than in other states in the US. As there are plenty of excellent educational institutions present all around the state, you can see many students living in rented apartments. The roommate culture is very popular in Houston, and there are many things you can do while residing in the city. You can easily find roommates online by searching ‘roommate finder Houston.’

Listed below are some of the top famous tourist attractions throughout the city:

  • The Houston Museum of Natural Science
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Minute Maid Park
  • Houston Zoo
  • Children’s Museum
  • Space Center
  • Toyota Center
  • The Galleria etc.

This article mainly discusses some of the decorative ideas you carry out with your roommates in Houston, Texas.

Why is decorating a shared space important?

Creating a cohesive space that exemplifies your and your roommate’s style while including thoughtful furnishing choices can help alleviate some sources of tension before tempers flare. Co-decorating, a rental home roommate will almost certainly necessitate some compromises. When negotiating area rugs and couch colors with your roommate, keep the following simple tips in mind to keep your home’s design and your relationship in harmony.

So, let us see how to decorate a shared space with your roommate efficiently –

1. Pick designs neutrally

If you’ve known your roommate for a long time, you’re likely to share many things, including rental home facilities, shared travel experiences, or similar tastes in music. So, you must find something you both enjoy and base your decor on it for decorating your shared space. Many objects and elements inside a house can significantly impact your mood, so choose objects that make you happy and build your room around them.

There are many ways you could team up with your roommate and decorate the room together based on both of your interests. That way, you do not need to force the other person to your style and preferences. Instead, try to be more neutral.

2. Adding personal touches

Curated and shared spaces allow residents to add their personal touches. Be mindful of how detailed you go with the décor in your shared space. Your roommates are likely to have their personal touches to display, such as favorite books, movie collections, record players, etc.

Tailor your apartment elements to match the year, using the seasons and holidays as a guide. For example, Summertime may inspire light and airy decor, whereas winter may suggest darker colors and cozier textures. You will undoubtedly be able to find a way to collectively pursue the goal by focusing on what you do have in common.

3. Invest in durable decoration items

Sharing a space means more people are around all of the time, and everything is busier. This means that high-traffic areas like entryways and shared bathrooms will require more frequent cleaning and that furniture and tools will be used more frequently. As a result, you must avoid low-cost furnishings in favor of high-end options. High-quality furniture may be more expensive upfront, but it will be durable and look better. They’re worthwhile investments if you and your roommates are willing to pool your money to buy them.

4. Frequent cleaning

Decorating a shared space also requires keeping it clean and maintained. You should share your cleaning habits and ask your roommate for his. Decide who gets to clean and when; for example, agree that you will clean one week and your roommate should, the next week alternatively. It is good to avoid a heap of unnecessary items inside your room by cleaning and frequently organizing to get more space. It is important to clean common spaces such as bathrooms, entryways, shelves, and tables.

5. Re-evaluate and Renovate

Many landlords also brainstorm over renovating ideas before they post a room for rent online. After you have lived with your roommate for many months or even years, you need to re-evaluate your collections, such as coffee maker, shower curtains, plates, mugs, etc. If you both think it is time to change into new and throw the old stuff away, you should do it immediately. Keeping all the old items that are not essential will only take up space, so consider removing them by donating them to the needy or disposing of them if they cannot be of any use.

6. Make optimum use of space

When you live with roommates, it’s easy to get into fights over who doesn’t clean up the dishes or put their belongings back where they belong. While an organized design won’t prevent quarrels, providing ample accessible storage space and shelving, setting up a dish rack, and designing spots for kitchen essentials can help you cohabitate successfully. This is a good idea for decorating a shared space as it also helps in putting the space into valuable use.


Once you post a room for rent on housing sites, you would be able to connect to people from the same neighborhood looking for roommates. Be sure to let them know your ideas and plans for a shared living because sharing a space can seem tight if you are not well-prepared. Also, ask them for their plans, and if they coordinate, it would be much easier to live in the same space.

When you find a suitable roommate from any roommate finder in Houston, the first thing to consider is to ask the right questions to him. After doing so, you can explain all your needs and necessities while sharing a room, and be sure to be on the same page. Also, use your space wisely and always be open to suggestions from your roommate in decorating your room. After all, you’re living with roommates to enjoy their company, so why not celebrate your differences? After all, you don’t have to abandon your personal style completely. Therefore, simply be open to other options.

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