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UberBOAT in Croatia – Paul English at the Wheel

Soon, Croatian travelers will soon be able to use UberBOAT service to find a boat to transport them directly to their desired location.

Paul English cofounded Kayak, which was later acquired by Priceline for $2 billion. Since then he has overseen Blade, a $20 million tech incubator in Boston.

Early Life and Education

When hailing an Uber car in Boston, don’t be surprised if its driver turns out to be Paul English – co-founder of Kayak which was later sold for $2 billion by Priceline – who drives as part of his plan to learn more about Uber services.

This book details how English’s personal and professional lives have been altered by his battle with hypomania, a form of bipolar disorder which can both benefit his creativity and hinder it. While English often has great ideas, actually executing them and creating successful companies with consumer traction is another matter entirely; at one point he was planning to launch a rival app to Uber before General Catalyst’s Joel Cutler suggested otherwise.

Professional Career

When hailing an Uber ride this summer, you might just find Paul English-the co-founder of flight search website Kayak who sold it for $2 billion-at the wheel! English is conducting secret testing of his next startup called Shyp which offers users shipping rate comparison services and options.

English began his Uber driver gig on Halloween night while dressed as a vampire and has completed over 25 trips since. His passengers range from eighth graders headed for MIT to chess champions from Jackson, Mississippi. English plans on driving until he has enough data for his startup business venture; using Uber as an opportunity to win potential investors over for it.

Achievement and Honors

Uber was recently named the #1 Best Company to Work For by employee ratings across Outlook, Compensation, Happiest Employees and other areas. This award acknowledges our team’s hard work and dedication in creating the ultimate rideshare experience for our shared customers.

Ton Scherpenzeel is one of Kayak’s co-founders and has played keyboards, accordion, and double bass on each album produced since their 1999 reunion tour. Additionally, he is the only original member who has appeared with all current original members since then; other members include drummer Okkie Huysdens who once performed in Diesel alongside Koopman; as well as bassist Jan van Olffen who has collaborated with Sister Sledge.

Personal Life

If you have used Uber recently, chances are Paul English, co-founder of Kayak (which sold to Priceline for $2 billion in 2012) could have been your driver. After making $99 million when Kayak sold to Priceline for $2 billion in 2012, English started driving for Uber on Halloween night while still dressed as a vampire and has completed 26 rides so far – while simultaneously running Blade, an incubator in Boston as well as working on new travel sites.

Shyp, a mobile app allowing users to compare shipping costs, is targeting the same market that Kayak did for airline tickets and hotel rooms. Users simply enter origin, destination and dimensions of their package before comparing rates from different services.

Net Worth

Kayak generates most of its revenues through distribution fees paid by travel companies and through premium rates for advertising placement on its platform.

Paul English recalls the moment when his venture hit its stride: when someone typed “Kayak” into Google search bar and it appeared. This signified that users remembered it and were heading toward its website.

Since its founding, the company has experienced phenomenal growth. Today it boasts a net worth of more than $4 billion and invests in numerous investment ventures such as Postmates and CloudKitchens. Furthermore, the firm is an avid philanthropist contributing to numerous organizations and causes worldwide.

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