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Unique items in bathroom accessories

In this case, the designers let their imagination run wild. Unique home accessories show character. Even if they are in the bathroom.

Interesting decorations are best placed on the wall shelves. Do you have such items that you rarely use? Put these on display. They spread a good mood and amuse your guests.

Toilet lid with animal print - unique bathroom decorating ideas

Toilet lid with animal print

Bath mat mosaic tiles rustic-unique decoration ideas bathroom

Bath mat looks like tile mosaic in a rustic style

Have you seen such fancy toilet paper holder ideas? There are many ways to spice up the bathroom with small details. One of the variants is made of rope, while the other is sure to set you romantic! Or?

Rustic toilet paper holder made of rope-Unique bathroom decorating ideas

Rustic toilet paper holder made of rope

Toilet paper holder in red - Unique bathroom decorating ideas

Toilet paper holder in red

Vintage Brass Toilet Paper Holders-Unique Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Vintage brass toilet roll holder

How do you store your bath towels? Take a look at this option: wrap the towels and arrange them in a box. A clear solution for you and your guests, isn’t it?

Box of bath towels order-unique decorating ideas bathroom

A box full of fresh bath towels

Do you like DIY projects and great ideas that you can create yourself? This bath mat was made using small stones and a little glue. Ideal for the bathroom, do you agree?

Storage toilet paper hand-knitted turtle-unique decorating ideas bathroom

Storage of toilet paper in a hand-knitted turtle

The funny hand-knitted accessory gives the bathroom charm and is used here as a small accent.


Storage of toilet paper-unique decorating ideas bathroom

More storage ideas for your toilet paper

Let yourself be inspired and create something unique in your home design!

Bath mat pieces of wood-unique decorating ideas bathroom

Wooden bath mat

Horseshoe Toilet Roll Holder-Unique Bathroom Decoration Ideas

Toilet roll holder in the shape of a horseshoe

Funny Stickers-Unique Decoration Ideas Bathroom

Funny sticker on the toilet sink

Retro toilet roll holder-unique bathroom decorating ideas

Retro toilet roll holder

Cistern Ceiling-Unique Decoration Ideas Bathroom

Colorful blanket on the cistern for toilet

Wicker basket rustic storage toilet paper magazines-unique decorating ideas bathroom

Rustic wicker basket for your bath accessories

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