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Wall design in the kitchen: ideas with colors

Interior designers and designers make it very clear: the modern kitchen must no longer look monotonous or appear boring! Now there is more color in the kitchen design! Many homeowners are probably wondering why this trend has caught on so quickly and successfully? The answer to this is very simple: because beautiful colors always create a good mood and even put us in a positive mood. Skilfully selected wall colors in the kitchen immediately change the feeling of living there. But how exactly could you achieve this desired effect in your own kitchen, we would like to show you in the following lines.

Without a doubt, there are various methods of freshening up and embellishing the look of your own kitchen. But today we would like to concentrate on one design option, namely this one with wall paint! We want to emphasize right away that the wall design in the kitchen is just as important as the selection of wall units or the laying of floor tiles. This means that you need to think through all of these components properly when planning or renovating your kitchen.
It is well known that light wall design visually enlarges the room. If you have a small kitchen or want to make your open kitchen-living room appear wider and more spacious, then you can go for white. And don’t worry about the room appearing a bit boring. No, definitely not, especially if you add a few colored accents, for example those in bright colors or in black, which immediately creates a strong contrast to white.


The kitchen-living room, which is all white, does not look monotonous, because black accents have also been set here and a very sublime look has been achieved


The wall in this delicate blue-gray shade makes the kitchen appear more open. Blue-gray pairs perfectly with the colors outside

Just one of the walls could be painted a different color and stand out immediately from the overall color scheme. Here the blue-gray shade is a real highlight in the ambience. In this case the visual harmony with the wonderful panoramic view was obviously sought and successfully achieved.

cake wall

Yellow on the kitchen wall brings a warm note to the room


Blue is a preferred color in the kitchen

Lots of people love blue in the kitchen. The blue-white duo is classic and never goes out of style. It looks a bit nostalgic and retro, but immediately loosens up the atmosphere. Depending on your preferences, you can paint a wall blue or add a navy blue cabinet to the ambience. Then combine it with other elements in the same shade and achieve perfect harmony in your kitchen!

vintage kitchen

Bright, open and modern! But with a few retro details!


This is of course not a mix of randomly selected colors! Each one has its strong charisma and all together form a kitchen design full of character!


Natural colors invite you to linger longer in the kitchen


Warm shades of money and brown create a cozy atmosphere

modern kitchen-living room idea

Light and close to nature – this is what the perfect modern eat-in kitchen looks like

Finally, we want to show you a wall design in darker colors. If you want to introduce more dynamism into your kitchen, you can go for strong dark tones right away and you will definitely not go wrong. Of course, you have to match this color with the rest of the interior and you have created a beautiful kitchen!


The modern kitchen can look beautiful even in dark colors

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