What are 9 6 points for a grade?

What are 9 6 points for a grade?

University and studiesGrades(decimal) gradeGrading92.7satisfactory83.0satisfactory73.3satisfactory63.7sufficient12 more lines

What grade is 9 points?

Presentation of the tablePointsGrade in wordsGrade (with trend)11good21029satisfactory3+8312 more lines

What are 15 points for a grade?

15 point system. very good, good, satisfactory, sufficient, poor and insufficient.

How do you convert points into grades?

The usual grades 1 to 6 are each assigned three scales of grade points. For conversion, this means: grade 1 is 15 to 13 points, grade 2 is 12 to 10 points, grade 3 is 9 to 7 points, grade 4 corresponds to 6 to 4 points, grade 5 is from 3 to 1 point and 0 points correspond to a 6.

How do you calculate the points for the Abi?

This means that you multiply the half-year grades from your advanced courses by two before adding them to the other grades. The total number of points you receive is assigned a grade: from 768 points there is a 1.0. You failed with less than 280 points.

What grade for points?

Grade 1from 24 points 95%from 22 points 87%Grade 2from 21 points 85%from 18 points 73%Grade 3from 17 points 68%from 15 points 59%Grade 4from 13 points 50%from 11 points 45%Grade 5from 6 points 24% from 5 points 18%6

Which grade for 70 out of 100 points?

Grade key PC – Lectures, NP ErnstingGradePercentGrade1.7≥ 851.6 – 1.72.0≥ 802.02.3≥ 752.1 – 2.32.7≥ 702.7 – 2.97

Which grade for which points in elementary school?

The grading system for primary school at a glanceGrade 1: 100-96%Grade 2: 95-80%Grade 3: 79-60%Grade 4: 59-45%Grade 5: 44-16%Grade 6: 15-0%

How can you calculate the grade of a class test?

Re: How is a grade calculated for class tests? At our school, the rule applies: 1/2 points = grade 4. However, this is not binding, but is set down internally in the school. At the other GS in town you get a 3-4 with half the points.

How do you calculate grades as a percentage?

If you wrote a 4, a 1 and a 2 in the class tests, you have to form the cross-section from the values ​​and then you have the grade 2 in writing (4 + 1 + 2 = 7 divided by 3 is 2.3). Since 30% should count in writing: 30 x 2 = 60.

When did you fail the Realschule certificate?

The middle school certificate (MSA) consists of the result of the 10th class (grades) and the separate MSA examination; both must be passed individually. The prerequisite for passing the 10.

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