What does a testimonial mean?

What does a testimonial mean?

The word certificate stands for: amateur radio certificate, a certificate of a passed examination as admission to participate in the amateur radio service. Job reference, a document about an employment or service relationship. Service reference, see work reference.

What does good mean in a job reference?

Job reference Grade: Good He/she achieved the best work results and showed a high level of commitment. He/She always showed above-average quality of work and initiative.

What does open type mean in the job reference?

This statement means nothing other than that he was quite unsuccessful in completing this work and, in case of doubt, the work got stuck on the colleagues. He got on very well with his colleagues, and his open nature always made him a sought-after conversation partner.

What does sociable mean in the job reference?

“Sociable”, “trying” Do you know these secret codes in the job reference? Since every employer has to write a benevolent and truthful testimonial – but sometimes doesn’t want to – various encryption techniques have been developed to “package” negative reviews in a pleasant way.

How do I know if my job reference is good or bad?

The rule of thumb applies here: In order for it to be a good reference, it must contain many superlatives such as “fullest”, “extraordinary” or “unrestricted”. A good image also includes emphasizing the continuity of the employee’s performance with adverbs such as “always” or “always”.

Which words should not be in a job reference?

What must not be in the job reference: Inconsistencies, e.g. the use of exclamation marks and quotation marks (ironic) (ArbG Bochum 21.8.1969, 2 Ca 618/69) ambiguous statements that degrade the employee from behind – negative characteristics are thus indirectly emphasized, often with ironic undertone.

How do I know that my job reference is good?

The evaluation can be divided roughly into four grades: Very good: always/always to our complete satisfaction; Exceeded our expectations at all times; very good in every way; … Good: always to our complete satisfaction; were always good; … Satisfactory: to our complete satisfaction.

What grade must a job reference have?

In the opinion of the labor court, the grade “good” must be considered average today, because job references are said to contain more than 80 percent of a grade “very good” or “good” these days, ie an only satisfactory performance assessment has become a rare exception.

How bad can a job reference be?

The employer may not issue a very good or good job reference if he has shown poor performance to employees. However, the employee is generally entitled to at least grade 3 – the employer must be able to prove anything below that if necessary.

Can a job reference be too good?

Employees have no legal entitlement to good wishes. Very few testimonials are really bad. Mauritz estimates that this applies to a maximum of ten percent of all certificates. “Almost 60 percent of the certificates have the grade ‘good’, about a quarter is ‘satisfactory’.

Can I have my job reference changed?

A new certificate is always issued. The passages may not simply be replaced in the old job reference. No one may recognize that the job reference was corrected afterwards. Only the passages that are the subject of the complaint may be changed; the rest of the job reference must remain as it is.

Is a satisfactory job reference bad?

90% of all job references are “good” or “very good”. Accordingly, the grade “satisfactory” is considered the middle grade on the satisfaction scale and thus the starting point. It referred to current studies, according to which 90% of all job references examined should certify good and very good performance.

What does a very good intermediate report look like?

A good to very good, qualified interim report could look like this: Ms / Mr X, born on living in Musterhausen, has worked in our company Y since …. 3. Activity CMs / Mr X always works conscientiously, reliably, team-oriented ….

What does above average mean in the job reference?

A combination of a temporal adverb (always, anytime, always) and a reinforcing modal adverb (very, extraordinarily, absolutely) is often used to certify a performance that is well above average (grade 1).

What does always to our satisfaction mean?

It is advisable to adopt the following grading scale: “always done to our complete satisfaction” = very good performance; “always done to our complete satisfaction” = good performance; “Completed to our complete satisfaction” = fully satisfactory services; “always done to our satisfaction” = …

Has he always completed the tasks assigned to him to our satisfaction?

Very good: Mr. Maier has always completed the tasks assigned to him to our complete/unreserved satisfaction. We have always been extremely satisfied with his performance in every respect. Good: Mr. Maier has always completed the tasks assigned to him to our complete satisfaction.

Which grade is always to our complete satisfaction?

Good (Grade 2) You have “always worked to our complete satisfaction” or “to our complete satisfaction”, but not always.

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