What are bipolar people like?

What are bipolar people like?

Bipolar disorders are severe chronic mental illnesses characterized by manic and depressive mood swings. The mania presents itself as an exaggerated feeling of high and at the same time those affected are usually overactive, euphoric or irritable.

How Does Bipolar Disorder Develop?

Most researchers today assume that bipolar disorder arises from the interaction of biological, psychological and social factors. Those affected have a genetically higher probability of developing the disorder, this is called genetic vulnerability.

How bad is bipolar disorder?

Depressed people find it difficult to concentrate and have attention deficit disorders. They also find it difficult to make decisions. Eventually feelings of worthlessness and guilt set in. Thoughts of suicide are also possible, making this episode of bipolar disorder very dangerous.

How do you treat bipolar disorder?

Various treatment methods are used in the treatment of bipolar disorders. In addition to drug therapy, which accompanies most patients for the rest of their lives, psychotherapy, wakefulness and electroconvulsive therapy are also used.

Is Borderline Bipolar Disorder?

Some characteristics of bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder can be very similar, for example, euphoric moods or depressed states with suicidal thoughts.

Can manic depressive people become aggressive?

In a bipolar patient, impulse control is disturbed. The cheerful mood can suddenly turn into aggression. People with bipolar disorder typically exhibit agitated behaviors during manic episodes. In mania, those affected have irrepressible energy.

Can you work with bipolar disorder?

In some cases, the high level of responsibility makes bipolar disorder difficult to reconcile with work. Continued employment can be risky not only for the person concerned, for example if he has access to strong drugs or chemicals.

Are People With Bipolar Disorder Smarter?

Episodes of bipolar disorder reduce brain size and possibly intelligence as well. With each manic or depressive episode, gray matter in the brains of people with bipolar disorder is destroyed.

Where does bipolar disorder come from?

What can trigger bipolar disorder Environmental factors, such as major family or work stress and stressful events such as death or loss of employment, can trigger bipolar disorder under these circumstances.

What is Bipolar Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are serious mental disorders that share similar clinical features and also share overlapping genetic factors. For example, both diseases are associated with an impairment of the working memory.

What are the causes of schizophrenia?

How does schizophrenia arise? The exact causes of the disease are unknown. Today it is assumed that there is a multifactorial interplay of biological (eg genetic, infectious) and psychosocial (eg social environment, psychological stress) causes.

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