What can be sent by registered mail?

What can be sent by registered mail?

In particular, no valuable items such as jewelry and precious metals or cash may be sent (with the exception of postage stamps, goods vouchers, tickets and admission tickets). You can send cash and other valuables with REGISTER value.

Why do I get a registered mail?

Nowadays letters come by registered mail from the consortium, landlord or people who want to make sure that you have received the letter personally. This is important, for example, for deadlines (periods) in which you can object to whatever. It could also be a termination.

What kind of registered mail are there?

How secure is which registered mail? Simple registered mail: deliverer receives signature. Registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt: sender receives signature. Handwritten registered letter to the recipient personally. Throw-in: the sender receives the signature from the deliverer.

What do you get by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt?

Cancellations, reminders, requests for payment, complaints, notices of defects about subscriptions are often sent with it. Registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt are usually important documents that must not be lost.

What is the difference between a registered mail and a registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt?

In the case of registered mail, it only documents that the letter was thrown in the mailbox. But not that the recipient actually got it personally. In the case of a registered return receipt, the recipient must personally confirm with his signature that he has received the letter.

When is a registered letter legally deemed to have been delivered?

The letter is only deemed to have been delivered if the recipient then picks up the registered mail from Swiss Post, which he is not currently obliged to do. When sending with the so-called registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, the sender receives an acknowledgment of receipt signed by the recipient, the so-called acknowledgment of receipt.

What happens if a registered mail is not picked up?

If the recipient refuses to accept the registered mail or is absent, it will be deposited with the post office for a month. However, the effects on the recipient are the same regardless of whether the letter has been picked up or not.

How can I see if my registered mail has arrived?

If you have personally addressed the registered mail, the confirmation of receipt including your signature will be displayed online after a short time. If you have only selected a registered mail with the “throw in” service, you will only see the signature of the deliverer on the confirmation of receipt.

How long can a registered mail be picked up?

a fictitious access, depending on whether the recipient is acting willfully or negligently. It stays there for 10 or 14 days; after that, it is automatically deemed to have been delivered, even if you do not pick it up.

Am I obliged to collect a registered letter from the post office?

Even if the recipient does not pick up the registered mail deposited with the post office, it does not go to him in the legal sense, since the registered mail – in contrast to a postal delivery document – does not bogus receipt and nobody is obliged to pick up a document deposited with the post office.

When is the termination considered delivered to Switzerland?

The notice of termination is generally deemed to have been delivered on the first day of the collection period. The prerequisite for this is that you are able to pick up the letter. For example, if you are on vacation, the notice of termination will only take effect after you return.

When is a termination not legally binding?

Employees who question the legality of their dismissal can file a dismissal protection suit in a labor court. You have three weeks from the date of termination to do so. If this period expires, the termination is deemed to be legally binding.

What applies to cancellation by post?

Normally, the notice of termination in the mailbox is deemed to have been delivered from the working day on which it is received by the recipient. On a Sunday, however, nobody has to expect mail.

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