What do you have to do as a nurse?

What do you have to do as a nurse?

What do you do in this job? Nurses care and look after patients. They prepare patients for diagnostic, therapeutic or surgical measures and assist with examinations and surgical procedures. They also take on basic maintenance duties.

How much does a Nurse make?

On average, a nurse earns CHF 4,375 per month. Half of them receive between CHF 3,689 and CHF 4,982 per month.

What do you do when you train as a nurse?

But you are not only responsible for the medical treatment of sick people, but also for their care. For example, basic care is part of your area of ​​responsibility during the training. The organization of care is therefore also part of your training as a nurse.

Where can you work as a health and nurse?

Nurses not only work in hospitals, but also find employment with these employers: specialist medical practices, health centres, retirement and nursing homes, residential homes for people with disabilities, outpatient social services, health insurance companies.

What subjects do you need to be in to be a health nurse?

Important school subjectsBiology (e.g. human anatomy, functioning of organs)Chemistry/biochemistry (e.g. how medication works; which combinations of active ingredients work)Mathematics (calculating medication)German (communication with patients and relatives)

How much does a MDK make?

Current salary table MDK-T – validity: – remuneration group entry-level performance Ebis 6,432 to 5,946 to 5,535 to 4,70211 •

What is it like to work as a nurse?

She works in a five-shift system, a normal working day is from 6.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. or from 3.30 p.m. to 11 p.m., 17.5 hours per week. Her favorite shift is the late shift because that’s when she actually finishes work when she gets home.

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