What does it mean if I put a word in quotes?

What does it mean if I put a word in quotes?

Quotation marks can also be used to emphasize words, groups of words and parts of a text or word on which you want to comment, about which you want to make a statement or from the use of which you want to distance yourself ironically or by underlining a different meaning.

When are names put in quotes?

5) Names may be enclosed in quotation marks for special delimitation. This makes sense if, for example, a book title is long, forms a sub-sentence itself and is therefore in danger of being lost as an independent name or confusing: I wanted to give her the book The Divided Country: Life in Germany 1945 1990.

When do I put a point elementary school?

Declarative sentences with a period Declarative sentences are discussed at the beginning of elementary school. The declarative sentence is used to report, to tell or simply to communicate something. This type of sentence is used very often in the German language. Declarative sentences end with a period.

What do you call dot dot dot?

An ellipsis (…) is an orthographic character, represented by three consecutive dots or by the three-dot “…” (a separate character), used as a punctuation mark or word mark.

What does 5 dots tattoo mean?

The big brother of the three point tattoo is the five point tattoo. It symbolizes a prisoner (the center dot) surrounded by the four walls of a cell (the other dots). Just like the three dot variant, this tattoo is most commonly placed between the thumb and forefinger.

What does a dot tattoo mean?

Unlike Mi Vida Loca, the five dot tattoo represents a prison sentence. The dot in the middle symbolizes the prisoner himself, the four outer ones represent the walls of the prison. This tattoo is also usually done on the hand between the thumb and forefinger.

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