What else do you have to consider as a young professional?

What else do you have to consider as a young professional?

Career entry – what to consider Obtain a tax card / identification number, open your own account, take out health insurance, take out individual insurance, create a financial cushion, consider financial strategies.

What insurance should you have as a young professional?

The most important insurances for young professionals include health insurance, occupational disability insurance, private liability and motor vehicle insurance. It also makes sense to have household contents insurance, as well as professional legal protection and private accident insurance.

What insurance do I need when I move out?

Move out of home; Which insurances are compulsory? The answer is very simple: There is no legal obligation. However, there are two types of insurance that should be taken out when moving into your own four walls: household contents insurance and private liability insurance.

Which health insurance is good for young professionals?

€ uro magazine: “TK is the first choice for young professionals” Those who are still looking for the right health insurance company to start their career with – in the test of the € uro financial magazine, Die Techniker received the grade “very good” in the “Services for young professionals” category. Die Techniker offers top performance for young professionals.

Which health insurance for young people?

A classic and very popular with young employees is the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) – it also offers stable contributions and particularly good service. ” Those who are very price-sensitive are in good hands with the Handelskrankenkasse (HKK).

Which health insurance is the right one?

As a compulsory or voluntary member, you can freely choose one of the following health insurance companies: the Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse (AOK) of your place of employment or residence; any substitute insurance company, including those whose names indicate certain professional groups.

Which health insurance company has the best benefits in 2020?

Compared to the last test, not much has changed at the top: the best health insurance company in 2020 is the Techniker in front of HEK and AOK Baden-Württemberg. The Bergische Krankenkasse won the most places in the ranking. However, the Salus BKK has lost.

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