What font size for the résumé?

What font size for the résumé?

The most popular non-serif font is Arial. Similar to Times New Roman, however, it has long since outlived itself. If you want to design your CV in a serif font and at the same time original, you can use Calibri, Helvetica, Lucida Sans, Microsoft Sans or Tahoma.

What font does XING have?

Xing News: New corporate font – if the display is strange: activate Clear Type. Dear group members, Xing has introduced a new font on the platform. to use, the note can be found in the source code.

How do I get my résumé on Xing?

To do this, simply click on the button Adopt data on / and then on From the XING profile. You will now receive a completed résumé that has been filled in with the information from your XING profile.

What does Xing bring me?

Xing is an internet platform for professional networks. With 13 million German members, it is one of the largest networks of its kind in Germany. It enables users to manage their professional contacts and also to make new contacts.

Does a XING profile make sense?

Xing offers you the option of integrating other profiles of yours. This is especially useful because Xing has a good reputation with search engines and thus ensures that your profiles are found more easily on the Internet.

How much does a XING Premium membership cost?

The paid premium membership enables you to activate additional functions for your personal XING profile. In 2020, this will cost you between € 11.95 / CHF 16.95 and € 9.95 / CHF 12.95, depending on the length of the contract period – you choose 3 or 12 months.

What does XING Premium cost per year?

XING Premium membership for a personal account now costs just under € 11.95 (3-month subscription) or € 9.95 (annual subscription) per month.

What does Xing bring pro Jobs?

Access to headhunters via XING ProJobs gives the user exclusive access to positions with an annual salary of at least 50,000 euros, which are advertised by headhunters exclusively for users of XING ProJobs.

What is Xing pro Jobs?

With XING ProJobs you get exclusive access to top job offers from headhunters with an annual salary of over € 50,000. These jobs are only shown to ProJobs members.

How do I design my XING profile?

Optimize your XING profile in just 11 steps Step 1: Use an authentic & professional photo. Step 2: edit your business card. Step 3: Enter details under “I offer” and “I am looking for”. Step 4: update your work experience. Step 5: Maintain Your Contacts.

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