What grades do you need for high school?

What grades do you need for high school?

Definitive recording. If, at the end of the last district school class, you achieve an average grade of at least 4.7 in the subjects relevant to the transfer and at least a grade of 4.0 in the core subjects Mathematics and German, you will definitely be admitted to the Gymnasium.

Can I also do the general Gymnasium with a Realschule certificate?

After obtaining the secondary school leaving certificate, pupils have four options for transferring to a grammar school under certain conditions. As a rule, many of the pupils decide to transfer to an introductory class.

Can you go to high school without a recommendation?

The primary school recommendation is the primary school’s recommendation as to what type of secondary school is appropriate for a child after the fourth grade. The parents can ignore them and send their child to a high school, for example, although it has no recommendation for it.

What are good grades in 5th grade high school?

The average of the entire class is 1.9 – 2.4. The majority (11 children) are from 1.2 to 2.0, 7 children are worse). We always encouraged him when he brought a 3. In the course of the year he didn’t care anymore.

What should you be able to do in 5th grade?

Important knowledge and skills for the transition to the 5th grade Basic knowledge in German. Basic knowledge in mathematics. Basic knowledge in general knowledge. Basic knowledge in English.

How many 5’s can you have in your high school certificate?

Anyone who has three or more fives in their report card in high school stays seated. If you have two fives, you can compensate if you have two threes in other subjects.

How many 5’s are you allowed to have in the BW Gymnasium certificate?

If there is a 5 in the certificate and all other subjects were assessed with at least 4, this does not pose a problem for the promotion. If the certificate shows two fives or one six, the equalization rule is applied. This means that every 5 is replaced by a 3 or

Can you balance a 5 with a 3 in high school?

Specifically, you can balance: a six with a one or two twos and a five with a two or two threes. A six must be balanced before a five.

Is it possible to remain seated in high school?

For classes 7 to 10, according to the school law, you can take a maximum of six years, which means two failures. However, exceptions are possible if one can expect that a student will still be able to graduate. If you fail twice in the same grade, you have to leave the Gymnasium.

When are you at risk of being promoted in high school?

Transfer endangers in high school Anyone who has three or more fives in their high school certificate must repeat. If a student has two fives, he can compensate for this with two threes in other subjects.

Can you just repeat the 12 like that?

Anyone who has achieved four or fewer points of the simple evaluation at the end of grade 12 or at the end of grade 13/I in two of the advanced courses taken or whose admission to the Abitur examination in the basic course area appears to be at risk can apply for grade 12 or the school semesters 12/II and …

How many times can you repeat grade 12?

class =3 years. In order to repeat the Abitur exam you have to complete the 12th again. Then it would be 4 years.

Can you repeat high school?

PS You don’t repeat the upper grades at all, just one year, the upper grades lasts three years 😉 In principle, you can only repeat a class once in each grade. The maximum length of stay in the upper secondary school is 4 years nationwide.

Is it possible to repeat voluntarily in high school?

At the request of the legal guardian, the student can voluntarily repeat a grade. In principle, it is also possible to withdraw to the previous year at the latest two weeks after the end of the half-year.

How many years can you be in high school?

The maximum length of stay is 4 years, i.e. only one year can be repeated. If you fail the Abitur exam, the maximum length of stay may be extended. Pupils must not have reached the age of 19 when entering the upper school.

How long can you be absent from high school?

You are not even allowed to miss 1 double lesson in a subject without a certificate. Incidentally, you don’t get missed hours, but full days missed directly. If you now always skip English, you will always get a day off for it.

Are you in 10th grade in high school?

For everyone: From the 6th grade (10th grade) compulsory elective subjects totaling six (gymnasium, upper secondary school) or eight (realgymnasium) or ten (economics realgymnasium) weekly hours are to be chosen.

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