What is a hard copy?

What is a hard copy?

The term hardcopy describes: the printout of a photo or document. figuratively a screenshot.

Is it allowed to take screenshots?

Yes, screenshots are generally legal if you don’t publish them. It is only illegal if you publish the screenshot without the consent of the author or the persons depicted. By the way, you don’t have to take a screenshot to do this. On WhatsApp you can find all pictures, videos, etc.

Can I see on whatsapp whether someone has taken a screenshot?

In contrast to Snapchat, for example, the contact is not informed of the screenshot when you take a picture of the status picture. It is only shown that you have viewed the status. With the appropriate setting, the status can also be viewed secretly.

What can I publish?

Private copies are allowed. This rule applies to almost all works, including ring tones, videos, photos, texts and much more. You can also make copies of borrowed CDs and videos without copy protection for private use, regardless of whether they come from friends or from the video library.

What can I photograph and publish?

In Germany, photography of buildings and street scenes is allowed thanks to the so-called panorama freedom, but the relevant rule is already an exception: »Works that are permanently located on public paths, streets or squares using painting or graphics are permitted.

What can be published on the internet?

Rights on the Internet Right to informational self-determination. Name, home address, e-mail, date of birth, mobile phone number, etc. Right to your own picture. Only the person pictured can decide which pictures of him or her may be published. Highly personal area of ​​life.

What am I allowed to photograph in public space?

What can be photographed in public? Due to the freedom of panorama, also known as street photography, all buildings, fountains, monuments, sculptures and relief murals and the like can be photographed in public without permission.

When can I take photos?

According to Section 201a of the Criminal Code, people who take photos of others are liable to prosecution if they are produced or disseminated without permission. It is irrelevant whether it is unauthorized filming or photography by private individuals.

Is it allowed to take photos of houses?

Other buildings and properties may be photographed without permission if the photo is taken from generally accessible locations outside the property or building, e.g. B. from the street or from a public park.

Is it allowed to take photos of other people’s cars?

Take a photo of someone else’s car and – without making the license plate unrecognizable – put it online? Is allowed! Since a car has neither a copyright nor a personal right, it can be photographed.

When can I be photographed?

When can I photograph people? People may generally be photographed if the photos are intended for personal use. A well-known example are vacation pictures. When photographing sights, it is often unlikely that you will really only get the target object.

What is the agent allowed to photograph?

If the realtor wants to take photos of the property himself – i.e. outdoors – he needs the owner’s permission. At the same time, the realtor must be careful not to take photos of the apartment they are living in – for example, take photos from the outside through the window.

When can the landlord take photos?

“The landlord is only allowed to take pictures of the inhabited apartment for evidence purposes. If he wants to publish it, he needs consent or has to wait until the apartment has been vacated. ”The same applies to the sale of a property. In contrast, the tenants still have to allow viewing appointments.

Can the broker determine the buyer?

The owner decides who to sell what, not the broker.

How many viewings does the tenant have to allow?

The tenant does not have to put up with the fact that people who want to buy things populate his apartment almost every day. According to the Frankfurt Regional Court, it is sufficient to allow 30 to 45 minutes of sightseeing three times a month between 7 and 8 p.m.

How often does the tenant have to allow viewings?

If a new tenant is sought, the tenant is not obliged to tolerate several viewing appointments on one day. In this case, it is the landlord’s task to invite potential tenants and buyers to view the apartment at the same time, if necessary, at one appointment per week.

Can tenants refuse viewings?

But be careful: tenants should not lightly refuse a request for a viewing by the landlord. Because an unjustified refusal to view gives the landlord the right to terminate the rental agreement without notice. The BGH has already decided this as well (BGH of October 5, 2010 – VIII ZR 221/09 -, WuM 11, 13).

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