What is a linguistic aspect?

What is a linguistic aspect?

In the dictionary, the term stylistic devices or linguistic means is defined as “a style-characterizing means of expression” and is primarily used in art, music and linguistics. Linguistic means are an expression of the style of a text and are therefore categories and research objects of stylistics.

What are verbal image examples?

Linguistic images are expressions that create feelings, ideas and moods in the reader. Important linguistic images are: metaphors, comparisons, personifications. A metaphor often combines two or more words to form a new word.

What are linguistic stylistic features?

What are rhetorical devices? Rhetorical stylistic devices are linguistic means of expression. Rhetorical stylistic figures deviate – intentionally or unintentionally – from everyday usage. They emphasize individual parts of a text or a speech: through emphasis, illustration or special memorability.

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