What is a source group?

What is a source group?

The breadth of the definition also makes structuring necessary. The classification of the sources or the material of the sources (stone, metal, parchment, paper); …

What is history simply explained?

Everything that happened before belongs to history. The word is related to “happened” as in “something has happened”. The story describes how people used to live. …

What is history school?

History is the totality of changes in human society or in individual areas, as occurred in the past through the thoughts and actions of individuals or social groups, continues in the present and will also take place in the future.

What does the word historical mean?

Word meaning / definition: 1) Story related to the story, relating to the story, in the way that is important to the story. 2) History belonging to an earlier historical epoch. 3) significant for (future) history.

What are the sources in history?

There are four large groups into which sources can be divided: material sources (buildings and works of art, coins, clothing, …) image sources (artistic representations) written sources (newspapers, letters, …) abstract sources (legends, folk festivals, …)

What kind of image sources are there?

The image sources include, for example, paintings, drawings, films or photos. Just like material sources (objects), image sources are always dependent on written statements, because images always only show a section. They don’t tell us why this picture was created or what the meaning of it is.

What is a Source Explained to Children?

At a spring water comes from the ground to the surface. This water is called groundwater. Several springs usually combine to form a stream and later a river that flows into the sea. Most of the time it is rainwater that has seeped into the ground.

How is a source taken?

A spring is a place where groundwater emerges permanently or temporarily at the surface of the terrain in a natural way. Most of the time, it is (meteoric) groundwater fed by precipitation. Only in rare cases does the water come from deeper parts of the earth’s interior (juvenile water).

How is a river source created?

Sources arise when so-called water-conducting layers. The water rains on top of the mountain, seeps away, collects on a dam and runs downhill on it until the water seeps away further or emerges as a source at one point.

How is a brook created?

This is how a stream is created: the water comes from the ground at the source. The water flows downhill and becomes a mountain stream. Sometimes a lake of rain water forms in the mountains. Plants without roots grow in this lake.

How are streams and rivers formed?

However, some of the rainwater also seeps through the earth or the rock into the subsoil. So deep under our feet there are rivers and lakes in which the water collects. This underground water supply is called groundwater. This ultimately creates a stream and at some point a river.

What is Artesian Water?

Artesian conditions exist with a groundwater resource where the groundwater pressure surface is higher than the terrain surface. The water then emerges from a borehole without the aid of pumps.

Where does the water come from in Austria?

Fortunately, there is enough clean drinking water in Austria to meet the country’s total water needs of 2.6 billion cubic meters. The delicious water comes from springs and groundwater wells and flows to households via 2,900 drinking water tanks and a pipeline network of 77,000 km.

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