What is a successful person?

What is a successful person?

Successful people want to improve themselves, their company or their project. Once a goal has been achieved, they don’t rest on the laurels of the status quo, but set themselves even higher goals. There is no denying that successful people tend to work a lot.

What makes you happy?

Happiness researchers have identified very specific factors that make us happy: a stable relationship – marriage brings a little bit more happiness. Friendship. conviviality.

What do you need for the household?

Ten indispensable household itemsThe wardrobe. Coats, jackets and hats are stored in the entrance area. the router. is an inconspicuous little box and the center of the networked home. The mirror. The all-purpose glue. The Medicine Chest. The bookshelf. The bottle opener. The screwdriver. …

What does success mean to you?

Because success has very different meanings: financial independence; to achieve what you set out to do; get a handle on his work environment; to constantly work on expanding one’s own knowledge and skills; make a meaningful contribution to the team; more responsibility …

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